Fill AAMC Application Form (Check Requirements, deadline)

If you are a medical aspirant and wish to apply to any medical school in the United States, you will have to use the centralized application processing service called the American Medical College Application Service (AAMC). Most medical schools across the United States use AMCAS as the process using which you can primarily apply to colleges. Through this process, AMCAS allows admission of first-year students to different medical schools across the United States.

What are AAMC Application Requirements

Application requirements are many and vary from one medical college to another. An aspirant aspiring should have completed the basic science requirements like completion of the basic science course works and laboratories.

They should have the following-

  • Two semesters should be completed with general biology and labs for 8 credit hours.
  • General chemistry needs to be completed for 8 credit hours.
  • One-semester work of organic chemistry with labs for 4-5 credit hours should be done.
  • Biochemistry should be completed for a 1-semester survey course with a higher division content and level for 3 or 4 credit hours.
  • Physics should be done for 2 semesters alongwith 8 credit hours including labs.
  • A minimum of three recommendation letters is required by them.
  • Additionally, personal qualifications, academic records, essays, and letters of recommendation must be filled in for the interview process.

How to fill out the AAMCAS application?

The application is a huge process and takes a lot of time so you might have to take one step at a time.

You will need to log in or create an account for applying online for AAMC by adding username and password.

AAMC apply
  • If you don’t have an account, you can create an account by clicking on the Register an account tab on the right side.

Fill in your personal details, initial questions and account information in the relevant segment.

Create Account AMCAS
  • Include a few initial questions and then add account related information in the respective segments.
AMCAS online application
AAMC application

Filling out the application form is easy but time-consuming and requires your patience, attention and understanding.

  • Section 1-3 asks for your background information.

Include your basic background details like your name, schools attended, birthday, citizenship details, race, ethnic origin and other details.

  • Section 4 deals with your coursework information

Transcripts and other details need to go into this segment and also other related details of your coursework must go in as well.

  • Section 5 of the AMCAS application includes your activities and work-related details

Enter your work-related details alongside extra co-curricular activities and also enter your awards, if any.

  • Segment 6 is about adding evaluation letters

Tag your evaluation certificates and letters here.

  • Section 7 is all about the medical schools you choose for the AMCAS application.
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Include all the details about the different medical schools you are planning to apply to.

  • Section 8 is about adding your essays 

Incorporate your essays and add to the mainstream

  • In Segment 9 add test scores including MCAT and other standardized test scores.

Timeline & deadline

The deadline is 15th October 2022 up to 11:59 pm ET. Till then Harvard Medical School is open for AAMC applications.

AAMC application status

After putting your application forth, you must keep a track of your application status. It is important to keep verifying that AMCAS receives all the documents submitted by you alongside your application. If the designated medical school does not receive your application material within two to four weeks from the time AMCAS completes processing your application, then it is your duty to intimate AMCAS about the same.

  1. Toggle through the below steps to learn how you can keep a track of the application.
  2. Visit the main Menu.
  3. From there choose the View Application status history.
  4. Review your AMCAS status every 24 hours a day or seven days a week.

AAMC application cost/fee

The primary application fee is $173 for your first school and $43 for each additional school thereafter in 2022-2023. 

Many medical schools also require a secondary fee which varies and costs differently for different schools.

A small transmittance fee is also to be paid for transcribing your college registrars and letters of recommendation.

AAMC application form

AMCAS collects your information, verifies it and delivers the same information with your MCAT scores to the medical schools you choose to apply to.

Admissions are not under the jurisdiction of AMCAS and are decided by the medical schools separately. AMCAS fees change every year. All you have to do is check their requirements, collect their requirements and then fill up their form after paying up the medical school fees.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to submit an AAMC application?

AAMC application can be submitted online simply by clicking on the Submit button after candidates ensure they have filled up all the sections correctly.

How long does it take for AAMC to verify the application?

The verification process for AAMC will take up to 8-weeks’ time. The process begins only after all the documents are submitted.

How long will the AAMC application take for processing?

The AAMC application will take 4-6 weeks and in the peak season, it will take complete 6 weeks.

During which months AAMC application submissions are considered too late?

Usually, August onward application submission is considered too late for an AAMC application. During August, September, and until mid-October one can still submit an application and many places including the Harvard Medical School is also open to accepting the AAMC application.


Filing the AAMC application is the only way to get entry into medical schools across different states of the US. Filling it would require sitting for MCAT exams and from the MCAT, it takes months to complete AAMC. You can apply to more than 20 medical colleges through AAMC. There is no age limit for medical schools and anyone can apply anytime for them whenever they are ready to study for so long.

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