Academy Sports Credit Card Application – Know Requirements

The Academy sports credit card is another store credit card that allows more freedom to the customers. The credit card is provided by the US Bank and is one that can be used for providing handsome rewards to sports enthusiasts. It is one of the most popular credit cards for shoppers from the Sports store. It is a Visa card and offers a lot of freedom to the buyers of Academy Sports.

Steps for Academy Sports Credit Card Application

To apply for the Academy Sports credit card, here is the process for you to follow.

STEP 1- Visit the provided link to reach the Academy Sports credit card website.

STEP 2- From there, if you scroll a little down, you will reach the place where you will find an Apply tab.

STEP 3- Click on the Apply tab and the application form will open for you. The first part talks about the terms and conditions followed by a space to fill in your personal details.

Academy Credit Card apply

STEP 4- Next, you must add the contact information.

Academy sports apply

STEP 5- After filling in your details, click on the Continue tab and move to the next screen.

STEP 6- Read all the terms and conditions carefully and check the box to accept the terms and conditions.

online credit card application

The submit button will become active soon after you check the box, press it to complete the application process.


You must fulfill the credit card requirements to obtain the Academy Sports card.

  1. For in-store applications, you must provide a valid identity card.
  2. You must also have a minimum credit score of 640.
  3. You must at least be 18-year-old if you want to have the card with you.

Annual Fees

Based on how worthy you are for credit; your annual fee will be decided. You will either pay nothing or $29 for owning a card from them.

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Credit Limit

Your credit scores, debts in the market and your income will help decide on the credit limit for an Academy credit card. You need to provide details and your creditworthiness will help fix your credit limit. The credit limit can be as low as $100 and it can be increased slowly based on the improvement of your credit scores.

Academy Sports Credit Card Benefits

There are several benefits of using the Academy credit card.

  1. If your card is granted while shopping in the store, you can enjoy a $15 instant discount for that particular purchase from the store. In case, you fill up the application form for the credit card while shopping in the store, you will get a $15 credit option with your statement. To obtain a discount, you should have made at least $15 of purchase.
  2. You will earn 5 points for a dollar spent at the store. If you spent 10 dollars, you will earn 50 points.
  3. You get two points at a gas station. For example, with the card, you can get $150 for every gas purchase in every billing cycle.
  4. You get one point for other purchases made with the card.
  5. Two cards that work include- Academy Sports + Outdoors Visa Signature and Academy Sports + Outdoors Visa. Based on how credit-worthy you are, your card version will be decided.

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Customer Service Number

The customer service number is 1-877-321-8509 (TDD/TTY: 1-888-819-1918).


Can Academy sports credit card be used anywhere?

It is a Visa credit card and can be used in any outlet that allows the use of a Visa credit card.

Who issues academy sports credit cards?

The Comenity Capital Bank issues the Academy sports credit cards.


Here’s a bit about the Academy Sports credit card and if you wish to apply for one, read about the card details from this article.

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