Academy Sports Credit Card Login and Pay Online/Offline

The Academy Sports credit card is a store card and apart from their stores, either online or offline the credit card cannot be used anywhere else.

However, those who shop regularly from Academy Sports must have a card for better shopping freedom and also to avail of more and more discounts and rewards.

How to do Academy sports credit card login?

You can have an Academy sports account online for making transactions and purchases. You can log in to the credit card account from the link provided here.

  • You can enter your account by using your sign-in information that includes your email address and password.
  • If you don’t have an account, you must create one by clicking on the Create Account tab.
Academy sports credit card
  • To have an account, once you click on the Create Account tab, you will reach a form. Fill the form and enter the details before clicking on the Create Account tab.
Online credit card apply
  • Use your account details to sign in whenever required and also click on the mail sent to you to confirm the email address.

How to Pay Academy sports credit card?

To pay online, you must set up an online payment option.

  1. First, select an amount that you need to pay.
  2. Choose a due date next, add your bank’s account number and routing number to initiate the online payment process.
  3. From the checking account segment of the account, choose the Add an account option.
  4. Add the checking information to start making the payments.
  5. Either start making the payment and then add the checking account information or add the checking account information and start making the payments.
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Make the payments by six pm on the due date.

Where to Pay Academy sports credit card?

You can use the following process to pay your Academy sports credit card bill.

  1. Visit the Comenity Bank Academy portal link as provided here.
apply Academy sports card
  • Sign in to your account and go to the Payment option.
  • Feed your routing number and bank account number in the respective sections.
  • Select your payment date and payment amount that you want to pay to use the automatic payment option. If you want to make manual payments, you must return every due date to this site to initiate the payments.

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Can I pay my Academy credit card in-store?

You can call their call center number to process credit card payments but you cannot pay them the due amount in-store.

How to cancel an Academy sports credit card?

You will have to call them up to cancel the Academy sports credit card details at the given number: 1-877-287-5012.


Here’s a bit about the Academy sports card. If you want to have the card, gather as much information as possible. Read this blog article to know more about credit card details.

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