How to Add TSA Precheck to Alaska Airlines & Jetblue Airways?

On participating airlines, PreCheck is offered to passengers flying domestically within the United States as well as internationally. When changing to a local flight after arriving in the US on an international trip, TSA additionally permits qualifying PreCheck participants to be eligible for expedited screening privileges. Whether they have a Trusted Traveler or Known Traveler account, the TSA’s Secure Flight system may grant PreCheck to passengers once they have been thoroughly verified.

PreCheck does not ensure PreCheck on subsequent flights; it only applies to that specific flight. Once you have applied for PreCheck, paid for it, and received TSA approval, you will receive the known traveler number. When you provide your Known Traveler Number in this section, it is connected to your reservation and, when available, will be enabled on your boarding ticket.

Does Alaska & Jetblue Airlines Have TSA Precheck?

How to add tsa precheck to alaska & jetblue

Yes. The PreCheck emblem will appear on your boarding card, and the barcode you scan at the TSA checkpoint is likewise encoded with your status. By doing this, the TSA can tell by glancing at your boarding card and scanning the barcode that you are qualified to use the PreCheck lane. Enrollees in PreCheck will often be given PreCheck status. However, because the TSA has incorporated a random element into the PreCheck program, there may be occasions when you have to use the ordinary checkpoint lane. Its better to check what airports & Airlines have TSA precheck before proceeding for it.

How to add TSA precheck to Alaska Airlines?

Your Known Traveler Number may only sometimes be provided to us when you make travel arrangements outside of Your reservation will be updated if you add your Known Traveler number.

You may access your purchased bookings by going to your profile’s My trips section under My account. After choosing the reservation for your particular journey, click the “Enter additional travel info” link. Choose the passenger’s name, scroll down and enter your number in the Known Traveler Number section.

The TSA has a random element built into the PreCheck program, so you may occasionally not receive PreCheck on your boarding pass and may be required to use the regular checkpoint lane. Doing this will ensure that you are eligible to be selected to receive PreCheck.

Regarding your Alaska Air ticket, you have two options for adding your TSA. The first is the most practical one. Because you may include your TSA information in your Alaska Air account profile, every ticket you purchase will include it, making it convenient. You can do this by using the subsequent procedure:

  • Start a web browser and navigate to
  • Register with your account.
  • Activate your profile.
  • Click the “Traveler Profiles” link on the main account page’s left side.
  • Click the “Edit my Information” link located on the page for traveler profiles.
  • Type it into the Known Traveler Number form after scrolling there.
  • Select “Save.”

How to add TSA precheck to JetBlue Airlines?

You can qualify for TSA Precheck if you frequently travel and are typically pushed for time. Because they are now qualified for TSA Precheck, passengers on JetBlue Airlines can pass through security checks more quickly without having to take off their shoes, jackets, belts, and other items.

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Four easy actions can be taken to accomplish this: filling out a form, paying a charge, going through pre-screening, which includes a background check and fingerprinting, and receiving a unique Known Traveler number that you can use when making your airline reservation. You will be risk-screened when you apply for TSA Precheck status, fingerprinted, and enrolled for 5 years if granted. You can sign up for TSA Precheck in just 4 easy steps, saving you a tonne of time while traveling.

  • Complete the online form.
  • Make a 10-minute appointment for an in-person screening where you will be fingerprinted and have your history checked.
  • You will receive a KTN once you have been accepted, and you can then start adding it to your travel and reservation profile.

How to Add KTN to a Jetblue Airways?

To add your Known Traveler Number (KTN) to a JetBlue Airways reservation, you can do it in the following ways:

  1. Online Mode: Log in to your JetBlue account and go to the “Manage Booking” section, then find the reservation you wish to add the KTN to. Select “Add/Edit Traveler Info” and enter your KTN in the appropriate field.
  2. Over the phone: You can call JetBlue’s customer service and provide your KTN when making a reservation or when adding it to an existing reservation.
  3. At the airport: You can also provide your KTN to the JetBlue agent at check-in.

How to know if you have TSA precheck JetBlue & Alaska?

The notification indicator “TSA PRE” will be visible on the boarding pass of qualified passengers. Regardless of whether pre-screening lanes are accessible at your departing airport, the TSA PreCheck eligibility indication will appear on all your boarding tickets throughout your journey.


Where to add TSA precheck Number on JetBlue?

Before checking in, you can manually amend each flight to add your PreCheck number or phone customer service and ask them to do it for you. In your member profile, you can also include your PreCheck number. When you make reservations while connected in to your account, the TSA will receive your information automatically.

How to enter TSA precheck number in Alaska?

Select the Traveler profiles to link from the menu left of the primary account page. Click the “change my information” link on the page traveler profiles. To add your number, move the cursor over the Known Traveler Number section and enter it. Click on save.

Can you add TSA precheck after booking JetBlue?

If you have already checked in, such as at home, you will need to see a ticket agent to obtain a second boarding pass that includes pre-check. You may accomplish the same goal by visiting a ticket machine and re-checking in there. You must visit a representative to update your Known Traveler Number to your reservation and request a new boarding pass after you have checked in and been given one.


A government “membership” program called TSA PreCheck is intended to speed up registrants’ boarding procedures. Your KTN has determined your low-risk traveler status. You may need to do some extra steps if you just joined the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) PreCheck program as a “Known Traveler” to ensure your airline is aware of your enrollment, especially if you have already made your flight reservation. TSA PreCheck simplifies domestic travel by providing dedicated airport screening lanes, decreased application costs, and several enrollment locations.

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