How to Add TSA Precheck to Delta app [After Checking in]?

TSA PreCheck is a specific security queue at Delta airports. Many of you are familiar with TSA PreCheck, a Trusted Traveler Program (TTP) that expedites airport security.

You may need to learn how to add TSA PreCheck to Delta app before booking your travel. Relax! We discuss here, how to add your “Known Traveller Number” to a ticket before your next trip, and more. Start!

How to add TSA precheck to the delta app?

How to add TSA precheck delta app

You must have already registered in TSA Precheck and obtained your Known Traveler Number before you may upload your TSA Precheck information to your Delta app (KTN). To link your KTN with your Delta app, follow these steps:

  • It’s time to fire up the Delta app on your mobile device.
  • Select Options from the Main Menu by Clicking the Menu Button (the three horizontal lines in the top left corner).
  • Choose the “Itineraries” tab.
  • Select the trip you’d want to add your TSA Precheck to.
  • Choose “Add TSA Precheck/Global Entry from the drop-down list.
  • Just type in your KTN and hit “Save.”

Your boarding pass and precheck status will soon be accessible on the Delta app. If you have TSA Precheck, you need to show your boarding ticket and government-issued ID to proceed through the expedited security checkpoint at the airport.

How to add TSA precheck to delta after checking in/Booking?

To add TSA Precheck to your already-booked Delta ticket, you may do so in one of the following ways:

  • Log in to your Delta account and visit the “My Trips” area to add Precheck to your reservation if you fly inside the United States. The “Add TSA Precheck” option should be accessible from the “More Options” submenu after clicking that. To add TSA Precheck to your reservation, you’ll need to supply your KTN and pay an additional charge.
  • Dial Delta’s toll-free number if you’d want to add TSA Precheck to your foreign flight. To do so, phone Delta’s regional reservation number or start a live chat with a representative on the company’s website.
  • Adding TSA Precheck while checking in for your trip is an option for those who still need to do so, either online or at the airport. To do so, please submit your KTN and the required cost.

TSA Precheck is only available to registered members of the program.

Can you add a TSA precheck at the airport?

You may add TSA Precheck at the airport if you still need to check in for your trip and meet the requirements for the program. Going to the airport’s check-in counter and asking the agent to add TSA Precheck to your reservation is the only way. To add it to your booking, you’ll need to supply your KTN and pay the associated charge.

Remember that enrolling in TSA Precheck in advance of your trip may save you time and hassle at the airport. Adding it in advance is highly advised for overseas travel since doing it at the airport may be challenging.

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To take advantage of its benefits, you need to be a registered user of the Precheck program. Visit the TSA website to apply for Precheck if you still need to become a member.

How to know if you have TSA precheck delta?

Delta’s TSA Precheck status may be checked in many ways:

  • Your Delta itinerary or electronic ticket confirmation should indicate TSA Precheck. This information is sent to you after booking or checking in.
  • After checking in, your boarding pass should indicate TSA Precheck. The “TSA Precheck” logo or notice is usually in the bottom left corner of the boarding pass.
  • Log into your Delta account to see whether Precheck is included. Click on your Delta reservation in “My Trips.” Show TSA Precheck eligibility.

It may only be included on the itinerary, boarding ticket, or Delta online account. Delta’s customer service can help you add TSA Precheck if you need clarification.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does delta pay for TSA precheck?

Delta does not pay for TSA Precheck. Delta SkyMiles and Delta credit cards cover TSA Precheck application fees. A TSA Precheck refund is available to Delta SkyMiles Diamond, Platinum, and Gold Medallion members, the principal cardholder, and up to eight additional travelers on the same reservation.

American Express Delta Reserve and Delta SkyMiles Credit Card holders get TSA Precheck statement credits every four years. TSA Precheck skips US airport security lineups. TSA Precheck is available to Americans. Five-year TSA Precheck costs $85. Apply for TSA Precheck online via Delta’s perks or credit card program and submit your receipt for a refund.

How to add TSA precheck to the delta ticket?

Delta tickets need a TSA Precheck application. U.S. citizens, nationalities, and permanent residents are eligible. Online Five-year subscriptions cost $85.

  • Select Delta travel in “My Trips” to add your number.
  • Enter your “TSA Precheck” number.

TSA Precheck your boarding pass. Give the officer your boarding pass and ID at the airport. Accelerated security screening. Only US airports provide TSA Precheck.

Where does TSA precheck show on the delta app?

TSA Precheck information is in the Delta app’s “My Trips” section. To access this section, tap “Menu” in the app’s top left corner and “My Trips.” It lists your flights. Tap the flight to see “TSA Precheck.” Provide your Precheck number and eligibility information here. 

You may only input your Precheck number if your flight information contains one. Enter your number in Delta’s “My Trips” section. “TSA Precheck” and your number.

Why isn't TSA precheck on my boarding pass delta?

Delta boarding cards sometimes indicate TSA Precheck. Before enrolling, your boarding pass won’t show TSA Precheck. Delta might need your TSA Precheck information if you bought your ticket elsewhere. Your boarding card will only indicate Precheck if you fly a non-participating airline. Finally, your information may need to be corrected if you’re a TSA Precheck member and purchased your ticket through Delta. Delta provides assistance.


As a result, if you have a flight reservation and your departure date is within a few days, you should get it to minimize delays. PreCheck membership reimbursement credits are included in the benefits offered by several travel credit cards, as has been recommended. You may reach out to our customer service staff anytime, day or night, and they will be happy to help you add TSA PreCheck to your Delta reservation.

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