How to Add TSA PreCheck to United (New or Existing Reservation)

The United States government introduced a reliable and quick screening process at airports known as TSA PreCheck. It is a membership program that allows flyers to opt for straightforward security screening at $78. The membership is valid for five years. Additionally, there are several exciting benefits for the passengers enrolling in this program.

Let’s understand how TSA PreCheck works for United Airlines. But first, we’ll learn whether United Airlines participates in it or not.

Do united airlines participate in TSA precheck?

do united airlines participate in TSA precheck

TSA PreCheck eases the passenger’s journey and provides a richer experience by eliminating the troublesome screening steps. These steps are shoes, belts, and bag checks. 

Passengers must be eligible for this membership and apply for TSA PreCheck at their website. As a result, they will be allowed to enter through a dedicated security lane once they get selected for TSA PreCheck. 

The excellent news is that United Airlines participates in TSA PreCheck. Hence, passengers traveling via it can activate TSA PreCheck while booking their flight reservation. So, let’s understand how you can add TSA to United.

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How to add TSA PreCheck to United?

Interested passengers can add TSA PreCheck only if they meet all the eligibility criteria and are selected by DHS. Once you get approval, DHS gives you KTN. 

Note: You cannot schedule TSA PreCheck without KTN. 

Here is the step-by-step process of adding Precheck to United Airlines’ flight bookings:

  • Open your United Mileage Profile and enter your Known Traveler Number.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Click on View Account. 
  • Go to Profile and Preferences.
  • Enter your Personal Information and Travel ID-related documents.
  • Save your KTN to your current reservation. 

Consequently, your TSA PreCheck Indicator will be available on your boarding pass.

You can edit or update your personal information while making flight reservations on United Airlines Website. Now, let’s understand whether you can add PreCheck to the existing reservation United. 

Can you add TSA PreCheck to the existing reservation, United?

United Airlines allows passengers to update TSA PreCheck to their existing reservation. (Existing reservations mean the already booked flight tickets.)

Step-by-step instructions on how you can add TSA to an existing reservation:

  • Go to your United MileagePlus account and open your present reservation by TSA PreCheck Number.
  • Click on “Edit Traveler Information” under “Manage Reservations.” 
  • Enter your first and last name with a valid birthdate.
  • Finally, type your KTN and Redress Number. Your KTN is responsible for TSA PreCheck on your boarding pass. 
  • Click on “Save” to apply all the changes.
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You can launch your updated information in the existing reservation inside the “Saved Travel Documents and Numbers” tab. Let’s learn how to know whether you have TSA PreCheck.

How to know if you have TSA PreCheck United?

First, passengers must be eligible to enroll in TSA PreCheck and apply for it. Furthermore, they have to pay $78 application fees. Finally, passengers will receive a KTN that enables them to schedule for their upcoming flight. 

As a result, the membership holders must enter their KTN while booking a United Airlines flight.

The eligible flyers can check their TSA PreCheck Indicator on their boarding passes. Moreover, passengers with the indicator can enter the PreCheck lane and get a quick security screening.

However, you can only enter this dedicated lane if you have a TSA PreCheck Indicator on your boarding pass. 

Let’s understand our final topic and learn why the indicator doesn’t display on your boarding pass. 

Why isn’t the TSA PreCheck on my United boarding pass?

Have you entered your KTN while booking a flight reservation and still cannot see TSA PreCheck on the United Airlines boarding pass?

Here are a few reasons responsible for the same:

  • Ensure that your TSA Membership program is still active and is not expired.
  • Confirm your provided details are correct, such as Name, KTN, Redress, and Date of Birth. 

You must contact TSA Customer Service if you face additional queries at 866-289-9673 or submit an inquiry form. 


Where to add TSA precheck on united?

  • Create your account with MileagePlus Profile.
  • Enter your KTN (TSA PreCheck unique number assigned to its customers) in the KTN and Redress Section.
  • Hit “Save.”

Does united pay for TSA precheck?

Applicants need to pay $78 & submit these documents to activate TSA PreCheck. United Airlines covers 11,000 aviation miles for the membership holder. 


TSA PreCheck membership is fantastic for people who regularly travel on business trips and acknowledge every second of their life. The program assigns members a dedicated screening lane to quickly complete the security process. Additionally, passengers can leave their outer clothes or empty their bags. 

Therefore, the initiative by the US Government is widely adopted by US Airlines, including United Airlines.

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