Alaska PFD application 2024 Online – Check Eligibility & Benefits

If you are an Alaskan resident for more than a year and intend to stay longer, you will be paid a sum through the Alaskan Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD). But, to receive the fund, there is an application form for Alaska PFD that has to be filled for this purpose.

The Permanent Fund Dividend (PFD) application is available from 1st January of a year to 31st March of the next year. Only one application must be filled by each applicant. The forms for the PFD Fund are available online as well as offline.

Steps for Alaska PFD application

The online form can either electronically sign their applications or can take out a printout of the sign-in page and sign it appropriately.

  • To apply to the Alaskan PFD, you must sign in to the website given here.
  • You can reach your application after feeding these details into the page.

Dividend year, first name, last name, social security number (SSN), and birth date. You will also need to add your Alaskan Driver’s License (DL) number and then submit the search.

Alaska PFD application

You can additionally log in to the site by clicking on the Login tab on the right-hand side.

  • Once inside, you need to fill-in the following essential information.
  1. Fill in to declare if you are a US citizen or a legal immigrant in the United States.
  2. If you have the Alaskan residency documentation, you need to fill in the information of that too, in your application.
  3. Bank account number for getting a direct deposit from the government.
  • Once done, take a printout of the signature page and sign it either manually or electronically.
  • You also need to submit proofs that you were within the Alaskan perimeters for 365 days before submitting the applications.
  • If the application is for, under 18 candidates, their parents’ status determines theirs in terms of the Alaskan residency documentation and for filling up the PFD.

Alaska PFD Application Requirements

Several documents that you might require to complete the application process include;

  1. Driver’s License number
  2. Social security number (SSN)
  3. You must not have been sentenced on charges of a felony during that particular year.
  4. You must not be away for 180 days out of 365 days period on the year of application.
  5. Incarceration charges were not present on you during the term of a year of your stay in the State.
  6. If you are a military, student, or immigrant, you have slightly different criteria that you must fulfill.
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You are eligible if you fulfill the below points.

  1. You are a legal resident or citizen of the United States.
  2. You were a resident of Alaska for a complete year before sending in the application form.
  3. On the date of declaring the application, you must be sure that you intend to stay in Alaska for an indefinite period thereafter.
  4. You are not a resident of any other state of the United States and do not derive benefit from them in any which ways.
  5. Other criteria requirements as per Alaskan Statutes 43.23.005 and 43.23.008 must be fulfilled.

Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend Benefits

Alaskan PFD is a share of the earnings of the state of Alaska which the government distributes equally with its citizens. It is usually a basic income given per individual by the government annually and the money can be used in any which way for living within the Alaskan state. The money distributed is subject to the Federal income tax and does not come under the state income tax scanner since Alaska has none for its citizens.

How long Does Alaska PFD application process take?

Online applicants can check their application status within 7-10 days and offline applicants need to wait for 4 to 6 weeks before going for their application status. People can file applications during the application window period. Every year the schedule can be known once the person is enrolled in the program.


If you have stayed in Alaska for a year and plan to apply for their PFD, do read the essential application-related information from here before proceeding with the application.

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