How much is SASSA child grant? Check SASSA Payments Date

sassa payment dates for 2021

what are Sassa payments for august? The South African Social Security Agency is part of the Social Development Department. It helps pay, manage and administer money for those who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. People with disabilities, elderly individuals, and children from the poor community are primarily targeted. In South Africa, alarmingly almost … Read more

Antares Reach Grant Program Application Process Guide

antares reach grant program

Every small business suffered a heavy loss during COVID-19. Those businesses, which suffered the loss more, could not make up a healthy turnover and that led to several other complications in the business. However, with the growing need for some external cash flow, over a period, grants became a prominent refuge for many businesses as … Read more

Global Green Grant Fund Application (GGF Grant Process Guide)

Global Green Grant Fund

Funds come in handy when you are supposed to find a way through a work process that makes a lot of difference to society. These fundings come from specific sources and play a major role in the overall development of your business and deals. They also help in providing an avenue for the personal development … Read more

Fearless Fund Grant Application: Are You Eligible?

Apply for Fearless fund

The Fearless Fund grant is meant for women of color by women of color. The Fearless Fund is started by a few women of color and their motto is to introduce real-time help to the businesses grown by women of color within the United States. During the pandemic, many women quit their jobs and as … Read more

IFundWomen Grant Application 2023 – Here is Complete Guide

IFundWomen of color grant

Grants are money made available to people free of any additional debts. The iFund Women Grant is the biggest available funding program and rewards women and their businesses. The story of extraordinary women entrepreneurs who have established profit-driven, meaningful and impactful businesses are the ones who are given this funding. What is IFundWomen Grant? iFund … Read more

HEERF Grant 2023 Application Eligibility & Requirements (Guide)

heerf grant application

To apply for the HEERF grant, ideally, you have to visit the U.S Department of Education’s CARES Act. However, the basic criteria for filing the HEERF student grant application include the following, The applicant has to be a permanent or conditional permanent resident of the US. To be eligible for the fund, the candidate’s (undergraduate, graduate, and medical) enrollment … Read more

MSRP ARPA Grant Application – What is It & How to Get it?

The ARPA grant application is one of the most recent projects by the American government put forth to make life better and to bridge the economic gap in place currently. The funding is being done to restore economic order in the nation again. Every organization will receive some part of the funding that must be … Read more

5th SEISS Grant Application (5th self employed grant Guide)

5th seiss grant application

What is the 5th SEISS grant application? The government would have to look at your 2019-2020 tax return work to know if you must get the fifth grant. It is also notably known to be the final grant. SEISS is nothing but the self-employed income support scheme. How to apply 5th SEISS grant application? Application … Read more

SRD Grant Application form & Check SRD Status & Requirements

srd grant application check status online

Updates: The extension for the SRD grants is extended until March 2024 as stated by Finance Minister Enoch Godongwana. Those who get the Sassa grant need to remember to apply for the grant every three months. What is SRD grant application? SASSA is the abbreviation for the South African Social Security Agency that distributes food … Read more

How do I become brand ambassador for Shein?

Shein ambassador

Shein is a women’s fashion brand that provides wonderful fashionable clothing to individuals who love to dress in style. It is a brand everyone can afford easily, and those who like to use their social media accounts for extra income can do so by connecting with their Shein Ambassador program. It makes no difference what … Read more