Walmart Foundation Grant Application [Quick Guide]

Walmart Foundation Grant Application

Walmart Foundations has a long-standing history of organizing and giving out grants and fund money to the needy. They always take the forefront towards addressing different existential challenges prevalent across the nation vis-à-vis economic, and social challenges including environmental challenges. Centers of Walmart are focused on creating opportunities, strengthening the community, and fighting racial differences … Read more

Get KSLC Grant Application Form-How to Fill Out?

KSLC Grant Application

The KSLC grant application is for those libraries which need funds to manage the library operations. To be able to receive funds, there is a form filling requirement. Once the form is filled, the grant application request for that particular library will be initiated. Once the application forms are scrutinized by the board appropriately, the … Read more

Cal grant Application Form, Eligibility, Benefits (Quick Guide)


What is Cal grant application? If you are from California and a student wondering where to get the funds from to continue further with your studies, maybe you should watch out for the Cal Grants. They are awarded by the California Student Aid Commission (CSAC), and there are various different ways to apply for it. … Read more

Home Buyer Grant Application 2023 – Know if you are Eligible

How to apply for Home Buyer grant application?

Buying a house in today’s world is a costly affair and people often have to figure out a lot before buying one. There may be a lot of questions before one thinks of purchasing a house. Some of the questions will revolve around home loans and available grants in the market. Home loans and grants … Read more

Galaxy of Stars Business Grant for Minority women [Guide]

Galaxy of stars business grant

Running a business or even making it progress is not easy as such but if you are inclined towards making your business right, you will need to find the right clients for yourself as well as the right funding. Galaxy of Stars is such an organization that funds businesses and helps them run them regularly. … Read more

Jamaica Compassionate grant application Form (Requirements) application form for compassionate grant

Update: There is no new COVID-19 grant currently running. The Jamaican government has confirmed to not click on any link that has been sent claiming the new compassionate program is opening up for a new grant. If there is any further notification, it will be directly available on their official site. What is compassionate grant? The … Read more

How to Moya App Sassa Grants Application form downloads?

Moya App Sassa Grants Application

The Moya App is an application that allows its users to avail various services without the usage of any data. With the help of the app, you can do instant messaging, calling, get live scores, read regular news, read books, play games, and avail of various other local services without worrying about any data usage. … Read more

Hello Alice Grant Application – Know Requirements & Status

Hello Alice

With the Hello KKR Alice grant, you can get money for your small business through their grants program. The KKR small business builders grant for female founders is one of the best offering help to businesses. They are giving out $10,000 grants to each of the businesses that qualify for the selection process. If you … Read more

Back 2 Business: B2B grant application Illionis Online form

b2b grant application

What is B2B grant application? Back to business (B2B) Grant Program has been launched by the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) and Governor Pritzker last week to provide a $250 million grant to help small businesses in Illinois recover themselves. This program is a successor to the previous year’s Business Interruption Grant … Read more

Bank of America Grant Application 2023 (Complete Guide)

Bank of America Grant

There are several different types of grants that are given out by Bank of America (BoA). Out of those, some are meant for housing, others for education, social welfare and other essential roles. If your organization is connected ahead with local groups that need such funds, you can help them grow by helping them with … Read more