Christmas Assistance Application Process (Are you Eligible)

Christmas is the time of celebration and every Christmas, there are millions of children who cannot afford to have a gift. To assist them the Christmas Assistance program is one to go to. With its help, you can give out gifts to needy children and the show is run by the Salvation Army alongwith 13 NewsNow, Joy Fund, My TVZ, and the US Marine Corps Reserve Toys. Those families who have 12-year-old or lower age group children can try for their assistance.

Who is Eligible for Christmas Assistance Application?

Not everyone can qualify for the Assistance program but only a set population can do so.

To be eligible for Christmas assistance, you must fall into a certain family income group. Those who receive any of the following will qualify for the program.

  1. WIC
  2. TANF
  3. SSI
  4. SNAP
  5. Medicaid
  6. Sector 8 housing
  7. School Lunch Program
  8. Those children who are aged 12 years or below can go for Christmas assistance.

What are the application requirements?

The application requirements will include the following;

  1. You must have an email ID that is valid and works.
  2. The next requirement for the application is a computer or smartphone with a camera.
  3. A picture ID is the next essential requirement for the Christmas assistance program.
  4. Address proof is another necessity for those who want to participate.
  5. The child’s ID must be submitted for collecting their birth date and only those between 0-12 years can apply for it.

Christmas assistance 2023 Application Process

  • Visit to start the application Process. Read all the instructions carefully and then click on the “REGISTER” button given below. Keep the Angel code with you that is given there.
  • Fill in the Angel code, create a username and then also generate a password. Click on the Login tab to complete the Christmas assistance registration process.
Christmas assistance

Every city or town will have a different application form link even though the application will look almost the same for all.

  • Include your email address, home address, and ethnicity in the first segment of the application.
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Christmas assistance apply
  • Add the name of the legal guardian, their gender, and birth date, and add the COVID-19 questions.
Online Christmas assistance
  • Put in your child’s details and fill separately about all children. There is a space to accommodate upto 6 children.
online program Christmas assistance
  • They all have sections where you must add their name, gender, toy list wish, pant, shoe, and shirt sizes and also include your child’s height.
  • Once done, click on submit preregistration tab to complete it.

free Christmas gifts

Christmas gifts are assistance given by several organizations. If you want to get assistance, you must fill up their application form only after checking you meet their eligibility requirements and also by fulfilling their application requirements.

Once you fulfill their application form you can go ahead and wait for their preregistration process to complete. There could be a wait time and once they review your application, they will get back to you on it.

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No child will go without a gift even if they are below the low-economic group within the United States. Most families and organizations are encouraged to donate old clothes, toys, and money. The money goes into purchasing new toys and clothes for children.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where can I get assistance for Christmas?

You can always search for assistance with Salvation Army, Catholic Charities, Marine Toys for Tots, and many other such organizations that provide you special assistance during Christmas.

What day will Christmas 2023 be observed?

Like every year, Christmas will be celebrated on the 25th of December and children can expect their gifts to reach their homes by end of November. Families and legal guardians keep the gifts with them and offer them under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.


Here is a brief on what you must know about the organizations offering assistance during Christmas. If you are in a special economic zone, you need to know where you can get genuine help for celebrating the festival of peace and joy. Spreading hope to children through gifts and preserving their faith in Santa Claus is one of the key features to fulfill during Christmas.

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