Elan credit card application Online – Get Rewards if you are Eligible

Elan Financial Services will issue credit cards by working around with banks and credit unions. You cannot directly apply for the Elan Financial Services credit card application. The card will show up in your email account, only when you have applied for a credit card from a bank that has teamed up with Elan Financial Services.

Elan has a new format whereby they function via agent-issued card programs.

Elan credit cards are always powering a particular bank. These banks and financial institutions will allow your credit card application and mostly your rewards; discounts and offers will be much more than normal when using their credit card services.

Elan offers an app to better manage your funds that you can easily download from Google Play and Apple AppStore.

Elan credit card application

How to apply for Elan credit card application online?

To apply for the Elan credit card application, you must go to a particular bank that has a tag up with Elan Financial Services to apply for one of their credit cards.

Here’s the application process.

Step 1:  Here we will show you the application process through Gateway Bank. Once you go to the website i.e www.gateway.bank/resources/elan-credit-card add information related to the following fields.

Step 2: Personal information segment: Add the personal information about the credit card holder. If you will take the credit card for yourself, add your personal information.

elan credit card apply online

Step 3: Housing Information: Include your complete billing address. You cannot use a PO Box number.

how to apply for elan card

Step 4: Income and Employment related information: Add your employment status, total annual income, and also specify your total annual income source.

elan card

Step 5: Other details: Add your account relationship information, balance transfers, and additional information.

elan credit card apply online

Step 6: Read the terms and conditions: Complete reading the conditions before you accept them. Press the Submit tab to finish your online application.

What are the application requirements?

Several application requirements to fulfill for obtaining a credit card from them include the following;

  1. You must have a stable income source.
  2. Your application should include an authentic SSN.
  3. A permanent residential address is also essential.
  4. You must specify your total annual income sources.
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Who is Eligible for Elan Credit card?

The eligibility of the Elan credit card revolves around the below-mentioned points.

  1. As a rule, you should not be less than 18 years old. Ideally, you should be mature in your State.
  2. As an applicant, you must possess a government-issued photo identity card.
  3. You must not be a credit defaulter within your state or with anyone else.

Pros & Cons


  1. They have different types of credit cards for different occasions. You can choose a credit card that suits your pocket and needs every time.
  2. Rewards are plenty and each credit card comes with its own set of benefits.


  1. Some of their credit cards have an annual fee and if you choose them, you might have to pay the credit.
  2. It can be a bit confusing when choosing a credit card of your choice. There are a lot of credit cards and their rewards might confuse you.

Elan credit card rewards

1. One-quarter of a point is obtained for every dollar spent using an Elan credit card.

2. You get a 1.5% additional bonus for every purchase made with your credit card.

3. The Cashback reward credit card can give you 3% cash back on gas purchases and 2% cash back at supermarkets.

4. Travel credit cards will offer you 3 points for every dollar spent by you using the credit card.

5. Bonus points are not capped and do not ever hit a ceiling.

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Is Elan a good credit card?

Yes, it is a good credit card and since they are an issue in collaboration with different financial institutions and banks, it is one of the best options to go for.

Who owns Elan credit card?

Credit cards are issued in conjunction with the U.S Bank and are one of its divisions.


If you wish to apply for an Elan card, you must read about the credit card services completely from this segment.

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