How to Apply for H&M Job Application – [Guide]

H&M is house to six different brands and has its center in Stockholm, Sweden. Primarily opened as a clothing line for women, an outlet once sold hunting and fishing requirements and since then they sell apparel for everyone.

Sportswear, pajama, suits, newborn clothes, and regular clothing lines are found with H&M.

The six different brands called Monki, Wednesday, Cheap Monday, Monki, COS, and other stories. Every store hires regularly and high-energy staff is a regular requirement.

If you like to work with any of the 3500+ H&M stores spread around several locations around the world, you will need to apply against the advertised posts. Through this article, you will be able to learn more about the H&M job application alongside their requirement and eligibilities.

h&m job application

How to Apply for H&M job application?

To apply for the H&M jobs in the United States, here is what you have to do;

Step 1:  Once you click on the link, you will reach a page where you must add essential information to find a suitable job at a given location.

Step 2: Once they appear as a list, click on any one of the job profiles of your choice. Currently, as per their site, there are 3093 vacant positions in 76 countries.

Step 3: Check all the application-related details like job description, key descriptions, required skills, and other details. If you find it suitable, click on the Apply tab to start the application.

Step 4: Start with the Easy Apply process and begin applying either with SmartProfile or Indeed. You can also drop your resume in the given space.

Easy Apply HM jobs

Step 5: Include your Personal information in the next segment of the application form. Add your first and last name, email, and phone number alongwith your place of residence.

personal information HM jobs

Step 6: Add your experience, education, and social handles in the given spaces.

Experience details HM jobs

Step 7: Add your resume and also type a message to the hiring manager to start the application process.

Complete the rest of the information and then move ahead to submit the application form.

What are application Requirements?

Application requirements include the fulfillment of these basic steps;

  1. You must have identity details with the country from where you are applying for the job role.
  2. To get the job role, fulfill the age-related criteria. You must be 18 years and above to qualify for any of their job roles. However, some countries offer the job to even 16-year-olds but there are some limited categories only under which the jobs are to be applied.
  3. One must be able to show their educational and professional acumen for the position. If the position is for freshers then only your educational qualification will be enough.
  4. A proper mailing address, telephone number, and email are a must to apply for the position.

Who is Eligible?

To fulfill their eligibility, here are a few criteria to meet.

  1. People applying for managerial positions must be strong in their communication skills.
  2. Applicants must be capable of mitigating risks, are good team workers and you must be proactive in their approach.
  3. They should have demonstrated skills where they must stand up for ideas that can work better for the company in different ways and must recognize such ideas and thoughts.
  4. You must be able to handle different jobs at the same time and must be a pro at multitasking.

What is H&M Job Application Process?

The application for H&M jobs works mostly in the same way that other job portals function.

  1. Wherever they have a requirement, they will set out an advertisement for the jobs.
  2. Applicants who wish to apply will have to fill out their online application form. Those who cannot use online services can drop into their stores and fill out the application form.
  3. Post sorting of the applications, you will get a call or mail for reporting to their office for attending the interview.
  4. After your interview, wait for a 10 days span before they can get back to you.
  5. If they do not get back, follow up with the hiring manager or check your online application status.

Job Benefits

There are several benefits of having a job with H&M.

  1. Health Insurance and healthcare benefits come with their jobs.
  2. Paid Time off and vacation provisions are there for their employees.
  3. They also have perks, benefits, and employee discounts aplenty.
  4. People can also get professional training and job support for performing their jobs in the best possible ways.

Salary Details/Pay Per hour

Salaries in the United States depend on a few factors;

  1. The job role
  2. Shift hours
  3. The working hours
  4. City charges and living costs

However, for other countries, there are different other parameters used to fix the salary. In some countries, unlike the United States, the pay is calculated on an hourly basis.

People get paid at different rates for Californians the hourly pay rate of a sales advisor is $13.56 and in Ohio for the same job role one can get up to $10.87.


If you want to take the H&M job, read this article to know more about it from here. If you have some doubts about the application process, you can use this as a reference article.


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