Holey Moley Application Process Guide (Are you Eligible)

Not many people love unconquerable adventures with unseen mounds of rough behavior from mates they are stuck up within a home. If you are looking for such an outlet where you can be happy joining the reality show, this could be your chance.

The Holey Moley is a mini-golf game that one needs to win as part of the tournament. For those of you who are not happy with any of the reality shows and know golf, this could be your turn to win a reality show with your choices.

Holey Moley Application Process

Even though the current rounds of hiring are over for Holey Moley but still applying for the show is open. All you have to do is refer to the steps given here and complete the Holey Moley application process.

  • Enter your age by entering your complete date of birth.
Holey Moley apply
  • Complete your contact details in the next step.
  • Click on the terms and conditions and complete the agreement by clicking on the checkbox.
  • Create your profile by adding the details given below. Add your website or social media handle, current age, and closest airport name to start with.
  • Add your gender, hometown, occupation, height, weight, nickname, and marital status details next. Fill in if you can move up to Los Angeles meanwhile.
  • Add information about you in the next segment.
  • In the next segment answer all the details about you and your golf playing.
  • Complete your personal social media websites and other information.
  • Add your background-related information.
  • Review your entire application and then click on the Submit tab to complete the application.
Submit information holey
  • Submit a video with five different angles to [email protected] with YouTube links that are not listed. You can also submit Vimeo links, Google Drive, or Dropbox links.
  1. A swing down the line
  2. A face-on
  3. 5 putts at 5 feet distance
  4. Use real-time obstacles to put through a ball down a hole or goal.
  5. Five (30) feet putts across a green lawn
  • Along with the video link, send in a single close-up photo along with 2-3 recent full-body photos and also recent photos with you dressed in golf attire.

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What are the Holey Moley Application requirements?

Holey Moley casting requirements include fulfilling the following terms and conditions.

  1. Contestants for Holey Moley will have to undergo a background check and those who wish to participate must agree to one.
  2. You must not have a criminal background or history and you must not be serving sentences even for felony charges against you.
  3. Those of you who wish to participate must not hold any agreement with any other television series or program.
  4. None of your family members or you can possibly be a worker or an employee with the following units: ABC Television Network & Crown Wilshire Productions LLC which are together with American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.
  5. You must submit your videos & photos to them for more scrutiny.
  6. As a contestant, you will need to submit 2-3 full body photos and 2-3 photos where you can be seen dressed in golf attire. You are either playing golf or are about to play golf.
  7. A single full-face photograph with your face being visible clearly.
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Who is eligible?

To be eligiblefor Holey Moley Application go through the below reference points.

  • You must be 18 years or older than that to participate in the program.
  • Only US citizens or legal US residents can participate in the series.
  •  To participate, you must be available to be in Los Angeles for 4-7 days. The filming will happen overnight and one must be willing to take up non-consecutive overnight filming.
  • Any of you participating in it must not hold a public office or must not hold an office within one year from the completion of the final episode of the show.


How long does Holey Moley take?

It takes 5-7 days of non-sequential shooting to complete the game.

How does Holey Moley work?

The arrangement is fairly simple but the game obstacles can be a real challenge.

  • Holey Moley accepts applications from interested candidates and after going through their details decides who could become a part of the game.
  • The gamers will be given challenging obstacles to score and mount.
  • Whoever will be able to score it will be able to enter the final challenge and that is, scoring the Mt. Holey Moley.

How much is the cash Price?

Whoever wins the tournament can take the Golden Putter trophy along with a $25000 cash prize.


Here’s all about a very new and different kind of game called Holey Moley, a gaming reality show where you can win money not by answering questions, solving problems, arguing with your inmates, or singing and dancing but by participating in a mini-gold game.

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