Pet supplies plus Job Application Process Details (Salary, Eligibility)

Pet Supplies Plus hires almost hundreds of employees each year, some as new ones and some as replacements for old workers. If you want to find a job with them fill in the Pet Supplies plus job application form. It is the largest food supplier in the United States and offers its original store branches as well as its franchises.

With almost 250 shop locations, you can find items for different kinds of pets that are not limited just to cats and dogs. Their stores sort products differently according to the different animals.

To work with them, you need to love pets and must be ready to serve them through your job. You can work in their stores, corporate sector, or even at their distribution units.

pet supplies job application

Pet supplies plus job application Online Process

To apply for the Pet Supplies Plus jobs, you need to follow the steps provided in this section. Visit Pet Supplies’ website career page.

Pet Supplies jobs
  • Add your search criteria like your locality and your job category. Include any other specifications you wish to mention and search for the jobs. If there are job postings according to your specifications, you will get a list of them.
  • Choose the job type of your preference by clicking on it. Read the entire description, job role, and also job requirements before clicking on the Apply tab.
  • After you click on the Apply tab, you will next need to fill in your email to begin the application process.
Email for registration
  • Add your profile or the profile of your candidate including login, personal details, address, and the source through which you heard about them.
Login credentials

Submit your profile and then complete the other prompts within the online application.

What are the application requirements?

Several jobs have different requirements which vary as per their positions. Some of the application requirements for the Pet Supplies Plus job include;

  1. For becoming a team member, you must know about the needs of animals and count the inventory.
  2. For pet groomers, applicants should possess a high school diploma or an equivalent degree with a minimum of one year of previous grooming experience.
  3. If untrained, the groomer should be ready for training from the company’s Groomer Academy.
  4. For an assistant manager position, individuals need to have a four-year degree or an equivalent number of years of experience. They will also need to show two years of work management expertise for the position.
  5. A valid identity card is a must for those who work with them.
  6. Educational and competency or experience certificates need to be submitted as and when required.
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Who is Eligible for Pet supplies plus job?

To be eligible for the jobs, in general, eligibility criteria will include;

  1. As an applicant, you will need to be at least 17 years old and above.
  2. You must not hold a criminal background or history by any means.
  3. Those of you who apply and qualify should be ready to run a background check and also drug testing.
  4. You should have a love for working with pets to fit in with the job requirements.

Salary Details

  1. Job Position
  2. Experience level
  3. Performance metrics
  4. State in which you hold the job

These are some of the essential criteria used while fixing your salary. Generally, freshers begin at a very less scale. Usually hour rates are also low for freshers. If you wish to know the most accurate pay scale for a job you are applying for, you need to ask your hiring manager for more details.


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