Summer Youth Employment program 2024 [SYEP]

What is SYEP application 2023?

The Summer Youth Employment program is regarded as the largest youth employment program in the country. Through this program, the NYC youth can come together if they are anywhere within the age range of 14 to 24. With this program in place, youth can get opportunities to explore their careers and can also avail of paid work experiences every summer.

To learn better, the modern youth can participate in projects and various kinds of work available with them for better growth and expansion. Discovering new opportunities and developing the right skill set is essential for a grand future. It can always start with training or a job opportunity with them.

Like every year, they have come together even this year, and if you want to join it, read the essential details here.

How much does the Summer Youth Employment program pay?

The hourly pay ranges from $7.25 per hour to $22.73 per hour, and the pay varies from one position to another. A team lead may earn upto $10 and a cashier might earn more with the SYEP in hand.


You need to fulfill two very crucial needs which include

  • Being in the State where you wish to apply is a must
  • Apart from it one must fall in the age range of 14-24 years.

One needs some documents to apply and one must include;

  1. Your social security card is signed by the applicant.
  2. A picture ID as proof of identity is required to apply.
  3. As proof of age, you can submit a birth certificate, a benefit card, a driver’s or non-driver’s license, a permanent resident or alien registration card, or a valid US passport.
  4. To prove your address, submit an address proof that must include home utility bills, a current lease, mortgage, or rent bill, an official letter from a federal or state agency, a bank or credit statement, and proof of insurance.
  5. Employment authorization proof would include a voter registration card, I-94, I-551, and I-797 forms, a naturalisation certificate, and an employment registration card.
  6. Under-18 candidates can provide a green working paper card.
  7. Selective service registration for males above 18 would mean registering online, receiving a letter of registration, and receiving a stamped post office receipt.
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You can get some direct benefits from participating in the SYEP.

  1. SYEP serves as an earning source for many youngsters.
  2. First-hand information about various fields is necessarily given to the youth through these works.
  3. The youth benefit as they gain experience in their chosen fields.
  4. Most people can find the right reference points and also manage to get good recommendations.
  5. Apart from all these, one gets to be job-ready, have improved academic goals, and learn social skills and know more about community engagements.

How to apply for SYEP?

To apply, you need to follow the link here for SYEP.

Add your username/email address and password.

Login and then start by clicking on the application form. You must register with them if you want to apply.

Fill in your email, password, birth date and social security number. Also add your first and last names to register with them.

SYEP 2023
SYEP apply

Start applying by filling in your basic personal details, apart from your education parameters and your employment history if any.

Also fill in a bit more about your aspirations and goals.

How to check status?

Simply login to the site and visit the application status section to check your application status if you apply for SYEP.

By checking your status regularly, you can take it up whenever the chance arises.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the last date for submitting your SYEP application?

The last date for submitting SYEP applications is 31st March 2023. Anyone wanting to join the program must apply sooner and not wait for the deadline.

How to contact them as and when required?

You can contact them by mailing them at [email protected].


The SYEP happens in many cities and if you wish to participate, you must find out more about the requirements and your eligibility for the application process. Through the program, you get to make yourself more prepared for facing the world.

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