Tesco clubcard online application (Complete Guide)

The Tesco Clubcard is an addition to Tesco’s offerings for its customers. With numerous rewards and essentials, Tesco offers one of the most advantageous offers providing power to lower price structures.

The British Clubcard chain operates in Ireland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and several other countries apart from the United Kingdom. As of 2021, Tesco Clubcard is being used by over 20 million + people across several nations.

Tesco supermarkets are the third largest retailer in the world. Currently, their Clubcard is available in a digital as well as an analog model. Thus, now you can suitably use the points and vouchers online as wonderfully as in stores.

What is the Tesco Clubcard application?

tesco clubcard application online

With a Clubcard from Tesco, you can win over their points when doing grocery shopping from your store. Apart from points, the Tesco Clubcard comes out with a lot of other benefits for its users. You can pay for any item including food, clothing, and others with your Clubcard.

Primarily points are obtained from food, fuel, and fashion from Tesco’s shops. If you can collect 150 points you can get a £1.50 voucher that too will benefit your shopping.

Here are a few essential fees that you must know about the Tesco Clubcard.

Annual FeeNil
APR19.9% & 5.9% (two different versions)
Foreign Transaction Fee2.75%
Late Payment fee£12
Grace Period28 days
Balance Transfer fee3.99%

How to Apply for Tesco Clubcard Application online?

To apply for the Tesco Clubcard online, here is what you must put on the application.

The Tesco Club card application can only be accessed after you have an online account yourself. To log in to your online account, you have to enter your username and password.

  • If you do not have an account, you will have to register an account with them. Start by filling up the details about your Clubcard.
Tesco Clubcard join
  • Include your personal details in the next segment.
Persona details Tesco
  • Add your UK Postcode and also provide your marketing communications in the given space.
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Create Account Tesco
  • Click on the Submit tab to create an account for yourself.

Once you have created your account, go ahead and start filling up the application form.

  1. Add your personal information.
  2. In the next segment, add your financial and economic details to continue the process.
  3. Take down their terms and conditions to complete the application form.

What are Tesco Clubcard Application Requirements?

Your Tesco Clubcard application requirements include;

  1. Your annual income must be sufficient for the Clubcard’s requirements.
  2. You must have a job currently.
  3. A home address, valid mail, and phone number are essential.

Who is Eligible?

To be eligible, you need to be at least 18 years old and must be a regular shopper with them.


There are many benefits of having a Tesco credit card with you.

  1. You can get 25 points by completing a 15-minute survey with them.
  2. For those who use the Esso petrol garage, you can get one point by spending £3.
  3. With a Tesco Bank credit card, you can get one point for every £4.
  4. Tesco Mobile also offers you a £1 one-point offer.
  5. You can also receive a voucher for £1.50 if you gather 150 points.
  6. The vouchers are valid for 2 years and if a family member is using a Tesco Clubcard recently deceased, you can get their points by writing to the grocery supermarket chain.
  7. Spending the vouchers is possible in stores, websites, Tesco fuel, and specific Tesco Bank products.
  8. You can use your Tesco Clubcard for Disney Plus promotion, English Heritage membership, or RAC breakdown coverage for your vehicle or car.
  9. The Clubcard vouchers can be boosted through days out, restaurants, and holidays.
  10. Points can be collected from all Tesco outlets and other former Tesco partners.
  11. There is no annual fee on the Tesco Clubcard.


Is Tesco clubcard free?

The first month with Tesco Clubcard is absolutely free.

How long does Tesco Clubcard application takes?

It might take up to 24 hours to get approval and to get the Clubcard it might take up to 7-10 days.


If you want a Tesco Clubcard, you must go through the information presented here to understand it better. If you want to know more about the card before proceeding with their application, you can browse through this article which contains most of the essential information to decide for the card.

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