TSC Online internship application Portal Form

It is a platform of the teacher’s service commission of Keyna which deals with all the vacant positions for teachers and other opportunities that are related to the teaching field. The online application of any teaching-related job can be done and is called the TSC online application.

The application can be done through the official website and it is a very simple method. Also, any details related to the TSC exam or teachers vacancy will be available on this website. The TSC application is a platform open for all but the applications are accepted on a certain criteria basis.

How to apply for TSC internship application?

Apply for TSC Online internship application

If you are planning to apply for the September 2021 online internship program of the TSC, then you can do so by visiting their online platform. The website has all the detail that are required for the internship application and the form is also available on their website only. You will get all the details there.

The official website to apply for the application. You can refer here to get the form as well. This is the tsc internship application portal.

Application Requirements

The following documents are listed below are the documents that are required for the TSC exams-

  • Certificate of Good Conduct.
  • Entry and work permits for non-Kenyans
  • National identity card.
  • One passport-size photo.
  • GP69 form.
  • Certificates of academic qualification
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TSC internship application 2023 deadline?

The deadline to submit the form is not officially out, but the applications are being accepted so those who want to apply for the internship can go to the tsc.go.ke internship application, and apply for the same immediately. The deadlines will surely be declared soon. Thus, the applications will also end pretty fast.

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TSC online recruitment portal 2023?

The online TSC exam recruitment 2023 portal is https://eajobscorner.com tsc-recruitment . One can go to this link and see all the details about the 2023 recruitment and how one could do that as well. The portal is open for all but the applications are accepted as per criteria and document submission.

TSC internship 20 advertisement Link

The official website of TSC is teachersonline.tsc.go.ke/ and all pieces of information regarding this are available here as well. Thus about the internship also you will get information from this link.

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