UNIVEN online application 2024 opening date

Universities all across the world are opening up slowly to new full-fledged admissions. Most of their application process is online and similarly, all South African Universities have also begun the application process.

The University of Venda (UNIVEN) Johannesburg is open for admission through its online application form. They are right now inviting both international and South African citizens. The last date for their application forms is December 2022. These applications are being invited for the next year’s sessions.

For every application made, there is an application fee that one will need to pay. If you want to make one or more than one application, you will need to pay a separate application fee for each subject. Payments can be made through online means easily and then the proof of payment has to be attested with the application form.

Univen online application

Who is Eligible for Univen application?

Eligible candidates will need to fulfill the following conditions.

  1. When South African citizens apply for the application, they must provide a valid identity number, mobile number, and valid email address.

International students must provide valid international passport and Visa details alongwith the application.

  • The South African candidates must have a credit or debit card number, and a CV number and must be able to bear the application fee for all the applications they make.

What are the application requirements?

Different application requirements will include subject-specific requirements and some general requirements.

  1. You will need a copy of the government-approved ID card.
  2. To apply, you will have to submit your payment proof.
  3. For submitting the application you need to submit your Grade 11 report.
  4. As an applicant, you must submit your PIN and will need to create a student number.
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Univen online application 2023 Process

The first process to complete when planning to fill the Univen online application form includes completing payment followed by the online registration process. Once these two steps are complete only then you can move ahead with the application process for the chosen subjects.

  1. Visit their site and click on the option that asks you to use your credit/debit card details.

Card number, Cardholder name, expiry date, and CVV last three digits present at the back of the credit card have to be added.

  • Press on the Pay tab and then click on the Authenticate the purchase tab to complete the process.
  • Submit the OTP that comes on your mobile phone.
  • Once done, you will get a successful e-payment message.

After finishing your payments, go ahead and register via MyAccess or reset your MyAccess PIN.

Post creating your student ID and PIN, you must go ahead and apply for all those courses that you are interested in.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Univen online application free?

The Univen application process is not free and each application will cost you R100.

When will Univen online application open?

It is already open from July to December in 2022 for the 2023 session.


The Univen brings an opportunity for further studies and if you want to apply, here is the process you need to stick to. Also with this application process, you can come to know about the eligibilities and requirements for getting admission into their courses.

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