Fortiva Credit Card Application – Are you Pre-Approved?

The Fortiva credit cards are designed with decades of financial experience that is in their kitty. They bring you accessible and handy credit solutions that allow you infinite freedom and flexibility at the same time. With a Fortiva account, you can easily manage, pay and care for your personal loans, credit cards, and also retail credit accounts from anywhere in the world.

The credit cards from Fortiva are unsecured. It ideally means there is no need to make any form of secured deposit and requires no minimum credit score. People with a bad credit score can take up this credit card and create a better credit score for themselves.

But a credit card from them requires one to pay an annual fee to them and also a monthly fee after someday.

However, if you plan to better your credit card scores by using this credit card, you can do so by applying for it when you receive an invitation for it.

How to apply for Fortiva Credit Card Application?

To apply for the Fortiva credit card, you must be pre-approved and must have received a mail for it in your inbox.

The process goes as follows;

Fortiva credit card infographic

Step 1: Apply for the Fortiva credit card online by visiting their site i.e

Step 2: Press the tab that reads and asks to respond to the mail offer made located at the uppermost center portion of the webpage.

Step 3: Enter the acceptance code that you have received in the mail in the given provided space. Usually, the code is present in the bottom segment of your mail and you simply need to copy it and add it to the webpage.

Step 4: Once you press the Submit code option, you will be taken to the main application page.

Here you have to add the following information:

  • Personal information
  • Permanent address details
  • Annual income details
  • Fulfill the identification document requirements
  • Review the application form and then click the Submit tab.

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How to get Fortiva credit card pre-approved?

Fortiva has a pre-approval page where one can get pre-approved. If you qualify for pre-approval, your chances of getting the credit card increase immensely.

To get pre-approved, start by clicking on the link provided here that takes you to the pre-approval page i.e.

You can also get pre-approval links in your mail as a mail request for you to join.

When you try logging into your credit card’s online account, even then you can get directed to the pre-approval segment wherein you can begin by applying for a credit card.

In some cases, Fortiva will send special credit card invitation mail for certain specific credit cards.

Once you are sent a code, you can go to the application page and apply for the credit card.

  • From the Fortiva website, check if you pre-qualify by clicking on the pre-qualify tab.
  • Log into your Fortiva account by adding your username and password.
  • Include your address, name, birth date, social security number, residential address details, and also your employment information.
  • Press the “Check Offer” tab to see if you can find any pre-approved offers for yourself.
  • If you see some offers directly click on the tab to complete the offer.
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Requirements & Eligibility criteria

Fulfill the eligibility requirements and criteria is a must for the Fortiva credit card application like any other credit card application.

Even though they do not need your credit scores or a security deposit, still there are a few credit card requirements that you need to fulfill to get the credit card.

  1. You must either be a US citizen or a legal US resident.
  2. Your age must be 18 and above that makes you a mature individual in your state.
  3. An applicant requires SSN (social security number) and also a government-issued photo identity card (if need be).
  4. You need to declare your annual income and also your net monthly income to them.
  5. The applicant will require a permanent address for applying with Fortiva for a credit card.

How to get Fortiva credit acceptance code?

The Fortiva credit card acceptance code comes in the email every time someone applies for pre-approval. If you are pre-approved, you will be sent a code that will be in the lower segment of your mail. Without this code, you cannot apply for a Fortiva credit card, and that acts as a limitation for credit card owners.

Annual fees & Credit Limit

The annual fee due for the Fortiva credit card is $49 to $175 during the first year. The credit card annual fee that gets fixed for you depends on your credit score. But in the second year, the credit card fee reduces from $0-$49. However, even though the annual fee drops off, you will need to pay a monthly fee hereon. The amount will be somewhere from $5 to $12.50 at this juncture.

The credit limit is at the discretion of the credit card company and they primarily review the credit card score, credit eligibility, and also your annual salary to decide on your creditworthiness. Thus, no two people can have the same credit limit. They do not even allow a credit limit increase and emergency funding and monetary risk mitigation are difficult with the help of this credit card.


The most essential benefit of a credit card from Fortiva is;

  1. The credit card offers zero card liability to its owners
  2. Your payment history is sent to all three major credit bureaus of the United States- Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. Building your credit score is therefore easy with a credit card.
  3. You get 3% cash back on groceries, gas, and also for utility payments.
  4. With all other purchases, you can earn 1% cashback.
  5. You get free access to your VantageScore 3.0 score from your Equifax.
  6. Pre-qualification does not impact your credit scores in any way as they do not hard pull on your credit scores.


Who issues Fortiva credit card?

The credit card for Fortiva is issued by the Bank of Missouri.

What can I buy with my Fortiva credit card?

You can buy gas, grocery, and other utility items with your Fortiva credit card. Additionally, you can also make any other purchases with the same.


Here’s all about the application process, benefits, and eligibility requirements of Fortiva. To improve your credit scores, if you have chosen Fortiva and wish to apply for it, go ahead and read more about the credit card from here.

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