How to Apply Rakuten Credit Card Application Online?

If you do not know Rakuten by its current name, you might know it then by its previous name- Ebates. Rakuten credit card is another $0 annual fee credit card option that works in the best way for many. You can have 3% cash or 3 membership reward points for every dollar spent for making purchases from the Rakuten platform.

When it was Ebates, it was one of the largest cashback portals where people received a lot of cashback offers. To date, even Rakuten is one of the largest cashback portals. However, every online purchase from Rakuten does not guarantee a bonus and many Amazon and Walmart products do not have any incentives when bought from the portal.

For non-Rakuten purchases, you merely get back 1% whether it is online or brick or mortar based. There are additionally no welcome bonuses and no perks on travels.

How to apply for Rakuten credit card application online?

There are currently ten different types of Rakuten cards.

Types of credit cardsWhat’s special about them
Basic card (MasterCard, JCB, VISA)1 point per 100 Yen is your gain from the credit card
Pink cardEspecially beneficial for women
Gold/Premium cardFree lounge at any airport, higher credit limits but has a cost to pay.

To apply for the Rakuten credit card application, you must use these ways.

Step 1: From the main website, click on the Apply Now tab.

Rakuten credit card

Step 2: Choose your credit card and then add your name, birthday, gender, and address including the PIN code, email details, and also phone number of your workplace or home on the first page.

You need to add your housing details also into the site.

Step 3: On the next page, add your occupation and income details. If you are a student you can add details around that too.

Step 4: Provide your bank account details and also the current amount in your account.

Step 5: In their credit card application, you need to fill in details about your need for the credit card. Choose between everyday shopping and borrowing funds. If you have to choose funds for everyday shopping, you must check that box. If you are planning to take credit or a loan from them, you can check on that particular box.

Step 5: Applying for automatic revolving service is an option but since it incurs additional charges, hence, it is not recommended. If you are not in favor of such a service select the do not apply tab.

Step 6: Once you have filled in all the information, read their terms and then click on the Submit tab.

What are the application requirements?

There are different application requirements for the Rakuten credit card that one needs to fulfill.

  1. You must declare your income to them.
  2. An applicant must have any form of savings also to them.
  3. You must not be a defaulter in repaying debts to anyone in any way.

Who is eligible?

For availing of the credit card and its benefits, you must prove your eligibility.

  1. One must be a minimum of 18 years old to open a credit card account.
  2. You must have a permanent address for yourself.
  3. You must have a valid email address and a valid telephone number.



  1. It’s great for those who want to get an American Express Membership Rewards
  2. There is no limit to earning rewards on a credit card.
  3. The credit card opens huge reward potentials which also include bonuses from huge shopping portals.


  1. There is no welcome bonus.
  2. The credit card offers you no travel perks.
  3. Bonus is paid quarterly and you cannot claim them as and when you earn them
  4. One needs to have an Amex (American Express credit card) for obtaining maximum benefits from the credit card.


Is Rakuten credit card good?

Rakuten is a good credit card for those who are willing to earn American Express Membership Rewards.

Where can you use Rakuten credit card?

Since it is a VISA credit card, you can use it with any store that deals with a VISA credit card.


Rakuten card works slightly differently and has many different credit card types. Check the application process and also other requirements of the credit card.


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