Shell Gas Credit Card Application – Know Requirements & Eligibility

The Royal Dutch Shell is known to be the number one gas brand in the world and the oldest in the market, it started by selling kerosene to the Asian market. Currently, there are 70 countries where they operate and sell almost 3.7 million barrels of oil equivalent daily. If you are a Shell customer regularly taking gas from them, you can keep their credit card handy

with you. The credit card can help you with more benefits sliding down your pocket than it would bring ordinarily. But no one can get hold of the Shell credit card ordinarily instead, will need to get hold of it only through an application process. But to apply, you must know how to apply and also the requirements and eligibility criteria. Read this blog to find out more about the process following which you can apply for a Shell credit card.

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Steps for Shell gas credit card application

A wonderful way to invest in fuels and gas, the Shell credit card gives you some of the best offers and rewards. There are two types of Shell fuel credit cards- one is for commercial vehicles and the other one is for government-subsidized vehicles. To get these credit cards, you must fill in a Get-in-Touch application post which will contact you and help you fill out the application form. To apply for the Shell gas credit card, you need to take these steps;

Step 1: Add your name, email, company, and contact number in the first segment of the contact form.

Shell credit card apply

Step 2: Fill in the number of vehicles you have, the type of vehicles, the operation nature, where you heard about the Shell fuel card, and so on.

credit card apply

Step 3: Once you filled in the essential information, complete the form and submit it by clicking on the Submit tab.

They will contact you for your credit card application.

Alternatively, try applying online by clicking the APPLY NOW button given on their website.

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credit card requirement

Step 1: Click on the credit card type Apply Now tab that you want and then start the application process. The first-page information will be represented slightly in different ways but both will ask for the same set of information.

credit card eligibility
Shell annual fee

Step 2: Add your complete home address including city, state, ZIP code, and even street address.

Shell credit limit

Step 3: Add your annual income, net monthly income, birth date, and even social security number (SSN).

Shell bank mailing address

Step 4: After completing the review step, you can submit the information and finish the application process.

What are the application requirements?

A fair credit score of 640 is the most essential application requirement for obtaining a Shell gas credit card.

Requirements vary from those who are citizens of the United States to non-US citizens.

US citizens must provide the following:

  1. SSN is a must for US citizens.
  2. A valid US home address is required for the citizens
  3. They must provide a photo identity card as and when requested.

When you are in some other country, you will need to show identity proof of that particular country. You will also need a telephone and email address of that particular country.

Who is eligible for Shell Gas credit Card?

  1. An email address and a telephone number registered under your name is a must.
  2. You must be 18-year-old and above and must be a major in your state.
  3. You must be a legal citizen of the United States or a permanent resident.

Annual fee & Credit Limit

The annual fee for the Shell gas credit card is zero which means you need not pay a penny for maintaining a Shell gas credit card.

Pros & Cons

They offer handsome benefits for using the Shell gas stationsHowever, offers expire soon and sometimes customers may not know about them when they expire
Redeeming the rewards is easy when you get them on a Shell credit cardYou can get the Shell credit card rewards only from a Shell gas station.
They have no annual feeThey have a high APR of 26.49%.  
They have a standard late fee of $40They have a transaction fee of $10 or 5% whichever is higher.


Does Shell gas take credit cards?

Yes, Shell gas takes credit cards for purchasing gas and oil from them.

Does Shell gas card report to credit?

Every month, US residents will be reported to all the three major credit bureaus namely Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian.

What bank does Shell gas card use?

Citibank issues the Shell Fuel Rewards card and Shell Fuel Rewards Mastercard.


The Shell gas credit cards are essential for those who regularly use Shell gas. If you are one of them, read this entire blog to understand more about the Shell credit cards and then go ahead and apply for them.

Additionally, you can activate your Shell credit card easily online to make online transactions easier and more efficient.  Online activation of your Shell gas credit card is a way to activate the Shell credit card apart from other ways of activation.

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