Arkansas Scholarship Lottery Application: Know Requirements

The Government of Arkansas runs the lottery. The main aim of the lottery scheme is to create winners. Since the year 2009, the lottery has already raised more than $1 billion. It contributes to more than six lac scholarships in Arkansas. The lottery has already given out $329 million to players. It has also paid $149 million to the state and federal tax revenue. The Department of Finance and Administration Office of the Arkansas Lottery coordinates the entire lottery. 

Steps for Arkansas scholarship lottery Application

apply for Arkansas scholarship lottery
  • All students seeking the scholarship must apply at least 30 days prior to enrollment in any program, that suits the eligibility. 
  • The award amount cannot cross $800, for one program. 
  • If you have already received the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship, you are not eligible to apply. 


The funding is released by the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery. Moreover, any student can avail of the same, irrespective of academic status. It is awarded on an incremental basis. 

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Who is eligible?

  • If you are a traditional student, you need an ACT score of 19. The latest scores that are accepted, are based on the June testing. 
  • Those students who are yet to reach an ACT score of 19, can take the alternate Accuplacer test. 
  • The authorities also accept ACT equivalent scores. 
  • 900 is the score that is accepted for verbal math, a 40 ASSET score, a 64 COMPASS score, or a 79 ACCUPLACER score.
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Non-traditional students who have passed out years earlier need to have a 2.5 GPA. 

To maintain eligibility there are various regulations as well. That includes completing 27 semester hours in college in the first year, and 30 semester hours in the second. 

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How to check Arkansas lottery scholarship status?

You can check the status of your application, by login in with your email ID and password, which was set during your application. The site where you need to login is that of Arkansas Department of Higher Education. 

lottery scholarship deadline

The deadline is July 1st to apply for the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship. The scholarship provides tuition fee assistance, to both traditional and non-traditional students. 

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How much does Arkansas lottery scholarship pay?

  • You must know of the games that you can play, to win some funding. The various games include Powerball, Mega Millions, Cash 3, and Cash 4, to name a few. When someone buys lottery tickets, the funds go to the Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarships. Millions are reserved for the students who study in various institutions in Arkansas. 
  • The lottery prizes are reserved and segregated for two sets of students. There are high school students and there is one for non-traditional students. The scholarship amounts are the same for both. 
  • In the first year, the scholarship provides $1,000, and $4,000 for the second year, again the same amount for the third year, and $5,000 for the fourth year. Those students who attend college for two years get, $1,000 in the first year and $3,000 in the second year. 

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