How to check Auburn Application status [Complete Guide]

The Auburn Family brings a great experience while fetching degrees that work in the same way as others. To begin your quaint journey with them, and be a part of the ten happiest campuses ever as attributed by The Princeton Review, you will need to choose a subject under their belt.

You will need to fill up their application form and put forth your candidature at There are several ways in which you can apply for these positions and follow the site’s page for the links.

Auburn application
  • The next step will be to create an online account to begin a new application. First time users can create an account to start a new application and returning users can log in.
Auburn apply
  • To register start by adding your email address, first and last name, alongwith birth date.
  • Next, you will receive a temporary PIN that you must enter with your birth date to complete the login process and to fill out the Auburn application form.
online apply for Auburn

After adding the OTP, you will have to move to the application form where you must start filling in the details. It is not the actual application form but if you wish to find the

The details that must be added will include your personal details and educational and professional information.

You will also need to submit the application fee that you have paid for the course chosen by you. If you choose more than one subject, you will have to submit the application fee separately.

Next, submit your documents and provide accurate identity proof. Attach them wherever they are needed and respond to prompts including your family’s details.

Submit the Auburn application form to be considered for the available seats.

How to check Auburn’s application status?

The Auburn application process is one of those that can take you a long time as a decision is based on their and your eligibility requirement match. Those who have already applied need to wait for their decisions. Those who are anxious can give them a call or mail them up at the below-given number and mailing ID.

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To check the Auburn application status, you must call (334) 844-6425.

Write to Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Auburn University, The Quad Center, Auburn, Alabama 36849. 

You can email them at [email protected].

How long does Auburn take to review applications?

Reviewing the applications begins only when you have submitted them. They will go through the application and after going through the available supporting documents, they will decide if they want to take you in. If they want to rope you in, they will start by sending you a mail declaring their application decisions.

Applications take almost two weeks to get accepted. There are three rounds of admission decisions made by Auburn and the best ones get admission sooner or later. You might have to wait for a little before any application decisions are passed on.

What time do Auburn decisions come out?

The students taking admission to Auburn will get admission notifications in rounds. There are three early action decisions released- mid-October, mid-November and mid of January. The final decision will release in March during the early half.

How does Auburn notify you of acceptance?

An email notification is the most common mode of notification that will be sent to Auburn students. However, if you do not receive any further reply from them, you can call them at (334) 844-6425.

Is Auburn still accepting applications?

Auburn accepts summer, spring, and autumn applications. If an applicant wishes to apply ahead, they will need to choose the time when they would be comfortable getting to the college. But admission processes begin way too early. So if you apply to Auburn by 1st December you will only be in for spring admissions and the admissions are currently ongoing.


The Auburn application is one of the best steps forward for students who are willing to take up undergraduate and higher studies. To learn more about the after-application queries, this article would be a perfect place. Eligibility requirements for admissions differ from one course to another.

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