Bath and Body Works Job Application Online (Complete Guide)

Bath & Body Works is America’s leading speciality retailer. It specializes in offering fashion fragrances for the body and home. It includes the most famous lines of fragrances from America and Japan. It also sells -wick candles and exquisite soap collections. They have more than 1700 Bath & Body Works or White Barn stores across North America. It also has an online store that includes the complete merchandise collection.

The current hiring is going on in several different streams in different job locations and all you need to do is find out more about the job. Besides this, you have to fill up your salary expectations and some other details.

Bath and Body Works Job Application Process

A paper or online application is needed to apply at Bath and Body Works.

For the paper application, you have to begin by filling out basic details about yourself and providing all your educational qualifications.

It is also required to include your past employment history in the application.

You can also fill up your professional achievements, special skills, references, etc. Lastly, you also have to sign the application and check the authorization box.

To fill out an online application, refer to the below steps.

  • Click to search for the job type you want from the given drop-down options available.
How to apply
  • Click on the job title to start the online application process.
JOB guide
  • Read about the job details here before clicking on the Apply Now tab to complete the application tab.
Bath and Body Works online apply
  • Acknowledge after reading the terms and conditions of Bath and Body Works to start reading the application form.
  • Sign in or create an account for Bath and Body Works to start the application form or you can start your application as a guest. Enter your email address to continue with the application process.
Bath & Body Works email
  • You will move to the section which will ask for your acknowledgement of their terms again. If you have already acknowledged it, you will need to click on it and then must move to the application segment. Enter the following details to finish your application.
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a. Add your resume details and additional attachments.

b. Enter your personal information and then add your self-ID. Include your disability ID, work experience, education details, job-specific questionnaire, and screening and then complete the e-signature segment. Complete the application and review it before submitting it.

Application form for Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works Job Application Requirements

The requirements differ from position to position; however, here are a few general requirements:

  • Applicants must not be less than 16 or 18 years old.
  • They should be qualified for the respective position.
  • Prior experience in the relevant field is preferred.

How to download the Application PDF?

There is no means of applying online. You have to apply on paper. You can obtain the application form at the stores.


Salaries are as follows:

  • Retail Store Manager – $39k to $77k
  • General Store Manager – $35k to $84k
  • District Manager, Retail – $84k – $162k
  • Asset Protection Manager – $57k – $101k
  • Retail Store Assistant Manager – $41k – $65k 
  • Sales Director – $107k – $206k

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How does Bath and Body Works after you apply?

After receiving your application, you will receive an email from them and simultaneously your application is reviewed. If they find your application working for some positions their Talent Search team will patch you up for it.

Do Bath and Body Works employees get free products?

Yes, they get free products once every two months. They also offer their products for $5 per bag.

When does Bath and Body Works hiring for the holidays?

Yes, you can work as a seasonal associate. You can work during the holiday season and other peak times. They offer generous merchandise discounts and impressive hourly wages.

Does it hire 16-year-olds?

Yes, it hires 16-year-olds. It is the minimum age requirement to work at Bath & Body Works.

How old do you have to be to work at Bath and Body Works?

The minimum age requirement to work at Bath & Body Works is 16 years.


It is one of the best brands to work with. Those who love jobs with such outlets can always have a gala time while working with them. As an 18-year-old, you can always afford to grow wonderfully within the company. Here is all that you will need assistance with when working to get a job with Bath and Body Works.

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