BCPS Magnet Program Application Online Process Details

Schools are trying to open different doors and each door is leading to one or the other surprises for students. The general education pattern is no longer the only stuff being tried on students. Thus, schools are opening up different curriculum programs. Most are themed curricula and instructional programs.

These programs will draw students out of their attendance limitations. To access such programs, you need to explore more on these programs through their websites.

What is BCPS Magnet Program?

According to the BCPS Magnet program, students can opt for a special educational drive and apply for a specific application program that attracts their attention.

Each of the three different school levels has different programs.

  1. Elementary school programs include two programs- International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program (IBPYP).
  2. Middle and High schools have several different programs around fine arts, sciences, finance, law, performing arts, visual arts, and world languages.

High schools offer even more programs and each revolves around baking, instrumental music, engineering, and health sciences along with other streams.

Who is Eligible for BCPS Magnet Program?

Eligibility will again be different from one level to another like it differs from elementary to middle and also at higher school levels.

  1. You should be a resident of Baltimore at the time of filing the BCPS Magnet Program.
  2. Students in elementary, middle, or high school must fulfill the Magnet evaluation and assessment to get through.
  3. If more students are qualifying for the Magnet program than the number of available seats, all eligible applicants will get an invitation. However, seats are filled with priority placements first. Next, all remaining candidates must get at least 80% in the assessments to generate placements. Priority placements are offered to wards of employees with BCPS and also to the siblings of the students already enrolled in the BCPS program.

What are the Application Requirements?

Application requirements for enrolling in the BCPS Magnet program include;

  1. Non-BCPS report card with grades and attendance is a must.
  2. The first quarter grades are also essential for students applying this year and along with them, you need to showcase your attendance.
  3. Any living accommodation under testing for a non-BCPS school needs to go in.
  4. A birth certificate as birth proof is a must.
  5. Photo identification, residency proof, income verification, prior case forms, and BCPS student registration forms must be added.
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BCPS Magnet Program Application Online (In Steps)

You can apply for up to 3 Magnet programs and there are separate links for the currently enrolled BCPS program and the non-BCPS student programs.

  • Choose the new parent to BCPS without a parent account tab.
BCPS magnet application
  • Include all the information in the given space and then click on the captcha to ensure you are not a robot before clicking on the Submit tab.
BCPS magnet online application
  • Choose that you’d like to send in the enrollment applications for a new child.
BCPS magnet online apply
  • Enter the student’s details like the student’s first and last name, birthdate, and primary language, and then click on the Begin application tab.
Apply for enrollment BCPS
  • Fill in the enrollment details and then move to the next segment.
Enrollment application BCPS
  • Enter the name of the person who is entering the form, choose relationship to the student and also select save contact detail. Add any more contact details you have and then find out who the child lives with next from the drop-down.
Online BCPS
  • Verify the student’s details and the current grade level and gender of the child at the time of birth.
BCPS requirements
  • For students who receive special education or ESOL accommodation, specify the services received and move on to the next page.
BCPS eligibilites
  • Add the race, ethnicity, and sibling information in the respective columns.
Enrollment details BCPS
  • Add all the application proofs together one by one in the given segments.
Proofs for application BCPS
  • Click on the Submit and Finish tab to complete the application process.


There is a higher need of attending different courses and though the normal curriculum cannot cover all, you can choose anyone from the options available to polish your skills and your interests. Learn more from this article about the BCPS application requirements, eligibility criteria, and other details.

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