BDO Cash Card Online Application Process – Are You Eligible?

Cash cards are nothing but another name for cards that you can use to store cash in them. Some examples of cash cards would be bank debit cards, gift cards, payroll cards, and prepaid debit cards. Credit cards are not cash cards as they are debt cards rather than cash cards.

Electronic payments are easier with cash cards. The cash card is a favorite among many due to its ability to promote hassle-free cash transactions. One such card available is the BDO cash card and to get it, you need to apply for it.

What is BDO Cash Card?

A reloadable prepaid electronic debit card, the BDO cash card allows you to use the card for cash withdrawals, purchases, and bill payments and also works in the ATM as it is primarily an ATM card. Use the BDO card for internal and phone banking, mobile banking, and even pay your bills.

You can even maintain zero balance on the card and the card will also not earn interest on it.

They have 3 types of credit cards- a retail pre-embossed cash card (a generic card), a retail embossed cash card (a personalized one), and a corporate embossed cash card.

Who is Eligible for BDO Cash Card?

To take the BDO cash card, you must look into the eligibility criteria.

  1. Those who apply for the credit card must have an income source that they can show up to take the card.
  2. Valid citizenship of the Philippines or a valid work permit is a must.

What are the Application requirements?

Anyone who fulfills the below requirements can apply for the BDO cash card.

  1. Whoever is 18 years old and above can apply for the card.
  2. Those who have two valid IDs can apply for the card- government IDs like SSS, voter ID, TIN, and postal ID.
  3. A payment of Php 120 has to be made for the BDO card.
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BDO cash card online application – Here is How to Apply?

To apply for the cash card online, you will quickly need to complete the following steps.

  1. Log in to your online BDO banking
  2. Press on the Enrollment Services tab
  3. Go to the Own Account section and then click on the Enroll tab.
  4. Complete the entire online application form and then your accounts (savings and current accounts) will appear in the Cash card number field.

Card Benefits

There are several benefits of the BDO cash card and to use the card would mean drawing the benefits as given.

  1. There is no necessity to open a checking or savings account to apply for a cash card.
  2. The cash card is available only for P150.
  3. You can procure the card for any BDO branch nationwide.
  4. There is no minimum maintenance balance that you need to have with the card.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is BDO cash card a debit card?

Yes, it is a reloadable debit card that is prepaid in nature. It promotes electronic transfers and offers a lot of other provisions that come together with the card.

Can BDO cash card receive money from other banks?

You can send and receive the money on your card. Use your cash card to receive money from any of the banks or branches.

Does BDO cash card have account number?

The card does not have an account number, however, they have a cash card number that can be used for identification, if required.

Is BDO cash card a savings account?

The card will help you access funds for secure purchases and for using it, you will not need to use any kind of cash. However, it is not a deposit or savings account.


The BDO card is one of the handiest ways of shopping without carrying any cash around. Due to its advantages, most people in the Philippines are trying to take up the card. Those who are interested can read about the essential parts of the BDO cash card application here. It is important to know that you can also apply for the card by visiting any of their branches. Simply carry two photo IDs with you to fill out the application.

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