Belmar Seafood Festival vendor Application [Easy Guide]

The Belmar Seafood Festival 2022 is again back welcoming the summers in New Jersey. They are celebrating it for the past 35 years. It is due on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in May from 20th to 22nd. The venue is Payone Plaza and its parking lots. You must be present on 9th Avenue and Main Street to enjoy this seafood festival. The Food Festival was moved to the Ocean Avenue location in 2019 whereas earlier it was held in Silver Lake.

The program will invite almost 40 vendors for participating in the program. If you are not a big fan of fresh seafood, you can still catch up on other non-seafood varieties available with the vendors. Apart from eating, you can also listen to music that will be brought forth to you by local musicians.

Apart from all the fun, you see coming, you can also gorge on a burrito and enjoy wine, beer, and margarita in a special tent and Pat Rodie is all set to put the stage on fire on Friday at 4:00 pm.

Belmar seafood festival vendor application

Seafood festival

The application process is closed and was open for vendors some days ago. If you want to find the link to the application form, you must refer to this link.

The application can be filled by paying the charges towards processing the application.

  • Business and owner name
  • DBA
  • Business phone number and email ID
  • Address of your business
  • Onsite manager details for the event day
  • Home address for the applicant

Include other vendor details and documents, if any. Add your other personal and business-related information to complete the application form.

What are the Application Requirements?

Usually, only the local businessmen and vendors were promoted. For applying, the vendors thus had to fulfill the regular application requirements.

  1. Businessmen must be Belmar citizens or residents or if they are coming from outside, they need to be from the surrounding areas.
  2. Their business identity details need to be specified in detail and they need to be in the seafood business.
  3. The identity details must be clarified.
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Who is Eligible for Belmar seafood festival?

If you are to join the Belmar food show, you must prove the following.

  1. Ensure you have the right address entered in the application for your business.
  2. Mention the basic earning details of your business.


The Belmar food festival ensures to bring these food vendors to have the right platform. People can showcase their cuisines around seafood and gain loyal customers out of the crowd. Those vendors who are planning to expand can already lay their hands on a group of people who love their cuisines in that region. Additionally, they get to keep the huge profit and income for themselves.


If you live in the Belmar region or want to be a part of the seafood festival, you can take this annual opportunity that comes to New Jersey every year. Ensure you enjoy seafood as the festival is primarily for seafood lovers.

But even if you want to accompany a seafood lover and are not much of a seafood lover yourself, do not miss this opportunity to get together with your friends and the crowd as you can always find the best non-seafood menu too in this festival. Love listening to music, do not miss this chance to hear out some of the best local talents around.

Read this small article to find out more about the vendor application process.

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