Big Brother UK Application Process, Deadline, Requirements

Big Brother was the biggest reality show that went live and took over the lives of millions with their shows. People loved some of the characters while they hated others. If there is some way to tell apart which of the seasons flourished more than the others, it might be very difficult to perceive the results.

However, in each of the shows, people enjoyed and loved watching them. The program is returning after a five-year hiatus and the comeback seems to be exciting more than ever in 2023.

Some of those who were watching their seasons wanted to also know how to join them. Thankfully, the show is open to the general public and people interested can apply for their show easily.

Interested candidates can win a lot of names and popularity from the show. They can also win a lot of money from the show. You have a lot of time to apply as the closing date for the application is 2023.

Who is Eligible for Big Brother?

To be eligible for the Big Brother 2023 application here are a few norms to follow;

  1. No applicant can be below 18 years if they wish to participate in the Big Brother 2023 program.
  2. They must live and work in the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man or the Channel Islands.
  3. During the spring of 2023, they should be available for 8 weeks if they wish to participate in the Big Brother program.

What are the Application Requirements?

Application requirements would include the following;

  1. Email ID and mobile number that you are using regularly and will be active during the whole period.
  2. You would also need to submit your social media handles for better scrutiny.
  3. Upload a video of yourself that is not more than 2 minutes specifying more about yourself and why the show would be important for you.
  4. You must upload two photos of yourself which cannot be more than 50 MB.
  5. Candidates must go through a background check for participating in the program.
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Big Brother UK Application

  • Visit to start the application. Take time to read the Big Brother UK application process and check on the eligibility criteria before moving to the application.
Big brother UK application
  • Next, add your detail like your name, age, city, town, email ID and mobile number.
Big brother UK online apply
  • Add a bit of details from your end like why you wish to join the program and also other questions as per the different available prompts in the given space.
Big brother UK apply
  • Include two photos and also upload a video from your end before moving to the next segment.
Apply online
  • Go for background checks and add onto the details that will nearly complete your application form.
online apply
application for the BB

How to check the Application Status?

To check the application status, you will not be able to contact them rather they can only contact you back. If you are approved for the next round, you will receive a mail and also a call from them.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do Big Brother house guests get paid?

Big Brother house guests get paid almost $1K every week. The longer they can survive on the show, the longer they can get paid for each episode they withstand.

Can Big Brother contestants watch movies?

Big Brother contestants cannot watch movies when they are in Big Brother house. No one can even sing a song when they are inside the house to pass their time.

Can Big Brother contestants bring books?

Big Brother contestants cannot even bring books to the Big Brother house. They cannot pass time by reading books or writing. No form of pen and paper is allowed in the Big Brother’s house.

Does Big Brother use the same house?

Yes, practically the Big Brother contestants live in the same house. It is a custom-built house, a CBS stage in Los Angeles Stage 18 and they continue to be in the same location since their sixth episode.


The Big Brother episodes bring in real time behavioral patterns of people or rather strangers living in the same household. There is a lot of fun, action, drama and a lot of adventure when people go around in the house for a long time. Applicants desiring to apply, they must read about it in this article.

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