How to do BMW credit card login & Pay bill Payment?

The three BMW credit cards bring a lot of profit in the consumer’s way. But making the maximum use of these credit cards is possible only when you have an online account for them. To open an online account, you must register yourself with the web portal of BMW.

Maximum use of the credit card account involves;

  • Timely payment of credit card bills,  
  • Regular viewing of online bank statements
  • Solving issues related to your account quickly

Online accounts are indispensable and creating them can be done either before or after obtaining the credit cards.

Late Payment FeeAlmost $41
Returned Payment FeeGoes to $41
InterestBased on purchase APR, interest is charged (11.95-22.9%)
Cardholder FeeNA
Interest Free Period24 days
Cash Advance FeeThe one greater between 5% or $10

How to login to BMW credit card Account?

The BMW credit card login is possible by entering the username and password.

  • Visit the BMW credit card website and press the Login tab.
BMW credit card login
  • Include your Personal ID in the given space. Once the site reads your personal ID, it takes you to the next screen where you have to enter the password.
  • Press the Sign-in tab after entering the Personal ID and password.
  • If you do not have a credit card account, you can press the Enroll Now tab to begin the enrollment process.
  • Include your credit card number, 3-digit security codes, and the end 4- digits of your SSN. Add the process in which you would want your information to be verified- through ZIP code or 4-digit PIN.
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credit card online payment
  • Fill in the next few information columns- create your Personal ID and password.
credit card mailing address
  • Add your email address and again re-enter it.
credit card payment number

Once you have completed all the formalities, press the Submit tab.

How to pay BMW credit card bill Payment?

To pay the BMW credit card payment, you can either try their online payment option or their offline methods.

Offline payments can be done by mailing the payment amount and even by calling them up.

To make the online payment, here is what you must do.

  • Sign in and move to the Payment segment.
  • Press on the Pay Bill tab and add your bill details.
  • Include your current account payment details and press the Pay Bill tab next.
  • Press the Submit tab and allow the payment to pass the payment gateway.

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Payment mailing address & Phone Number

If you want to mail them the payments, get ready with your check or money order and send your bill to the following address;

Cardmember Service,
P.O. Box 790408,
St. Louis,
MO 63179-0408.

When you need to send your payment overnight use the address given here:

Cardmember Payments- 790408,
824 N 11th Street,
St. Louis,
MO 63101-1016.

Call 1-888-269-2273 to pay your credit card bill. Either follow the prompts or talk to a live representative to clear your bills.

Card Benefits

Additional Features of BMW Credit Cards
FeaturesMotorrad World MasterCardBMW Credit CardBMW Precision Credit Card
BMW Credit Card Annual Fee$0$0$99
Increased worth of points at BMW centersYesYesYes
Introductory offersYesYesNo
Dealership credit annuallyNANo$70
Bonus points earned during enrollment5000 bonus points5000 points7500 points
Foreign Transaction FeesYesNoYes
Benefits of MasterCardNoYes
Benefits of MasterCard World EliteYesYes

How to Cancel BMW Credit card?

To cancel the card, you need to call them at (866) 845-3079. International customers can call (701) 461-2543.

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Customer Service Number

The credit card customer service number is 1-888-269-2273 and to call from international locations you must call 1-614-210-8720.


Can you pay BMW with credit card?

Yes, you can pay with a credit card in many places.

What credit bureau does BMW credit card use?

The card reports to Equifax, Experian, and Transunion credit bureaus.


If you have a BMW card, you can refer to this article for more information on payment methods and login details.

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