How to check Borrower Defense application status?

Borrower Defense applications can be made by those students who want their direct federal loans forgiven.

Most of the time, the schools we attend often make a few false promises that do not work well for us. In either case, the schools give us false hopes, which lure us into taking the risk of accepting a federal loan to support our education.

If you have been subject to such fraudulent practices, and above all, if you can prove it, there are chances you might be free of the borrower’s defense loan.

It means your entire loan would be forgiven as per the formulae set in place by the Obama and Trump administrations. Borrower’s defense works very well for those who have been cheated with false promises of jobs, placements, and any other such bait.

The Borrower’s Defense is a federal regulation put in place by the US Education Department. The issue has grabbed a few eyes ever since 2015, and student loan handling has gotten some fresh attention.

Federal direct loans are the ones that would be discharged and also include reimbursements of any of the amounts paid to others from the loans. Furthermore, the credit bureau can be asked to dismiss any negative credit score that results from this scenario.

If a student wants to submit the borrower defense application, then they must visit their official centre and submit a request for the same. After submission, one can check the application status to learn more about the progress on their application.

This article will teach you more about the application status checking steps.

How to check Borrower Defense application status?

To check the application status, you need to call 1-855-279-6207, the Borrower Defense Customer Contact Center. A delay is often noted between the time ED announces a new borrower defense finding and the approval of the relevant application.

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You can also login to your application and find out more about the status of your application Borrower Defense.

Additionally, you can also refer to the toll-free number of the Education Department at 833-932-3439.

Borrower Defense application status Benefits

Benefits of the Borrower Defense application include the following;

  • Federal student loans will be forgiven if the authorities made an erroneous, deliberate promise to the borrower on the basis of which the borrower took the loan. It can be inclusive of job or placement offers.
  • It safeguards a student’s rights and prevents people from misaligning a student’s interests.
  • Reimbursement of amounts paid for the loans as per the defined regulations.
  • Credit bureaus will remove any negative credit that is put on your account.
  • Those who lose their federal student aid eligibility will have it restored, which will be of greater benefit to them.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does the Borrower Defense loan apply to all the programs to which students apply?

It applies to only your direct loans and is inapplicable to private student loans, and even other kinds of loans.

Even when these loans are discharged by the federal or state governments or even by the Education Department, you will be ineligible for a Borrower Defense. Even the Federal Family Education Loan (FEEL) or Federal Perkins Loan Program is ineligible for a Borrowers Defense.

How will the notification reach me for Borrower Defense repayment?

You will get an email from the Borrower’s Defense and you will be notified if you are eligible for it.

If there are questions about the Borrower Defense application, you can use these contact details for help.


Here in this article, you will find all about the Borrower Defense application and the process by which you can keep tab on the application status. Also, learn how you would benefit from this provision made especially by the Education Department of the United States. Know about your gains and other intricate details about the provision before you think about requesting loan forgiveness

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