BP Credit Card Login & Pay Bill Payment Online

Whenever you want to shop from Amoco or BP, you can do so and claim discounts from them. You will earn cashback from the qualifying purchases with them as well. They have an introductory offer and you cannot club them with everyday rewards cents off. Their credit cards can add value to the purchases you make and discounts can add up for the BP Visa credit cards. Open an account with them and log in every time you want to know more about your account details.

How to do BP Credit Card Login?

To login to the BP credit card, here’s what you must do.

1: Click on the link provided in this segment.

2: Add your User ID and password and then click on the Secure Login tab.

BP login

3: To register an account with them, here’s what you must do.

Add your account number and ZIP code.

BP online register

4: Once you tap the Continue tab, you will be asked to fill in essential details. Complete the details and register an account in your name with them.

How to Pay BP Credit Card Bill Payment?

To pay the credit card bill online, you must first open the site and login to it.

  • After completing the login process, head over to the Payment segment.
  • From the Payment segment, click on the Bill Payment tab.
  • Paying the bill is possible by adding the due amount alongside your current account details or your credit card details.
  • Now press the Pay tab to complete the process.
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Interest rate & Late Fees

The late fee for the BP credit card is up to $39. Interest rates vary and depend on the APR which is 29.99%.

How to cancel BP credit card

To cancel the BP credit card account, you must call 1300 130 027 from Monday to Friday anytime between 09:00 am to 05:00 pm.

You can also cancel the credit card online.

  • Login to your account and press the Cards option from under the Quick Links. The Quick Link option is present in the right-hand portion of the webpage in the Home Menu.
  • Press the Find and Update card option.
  • Add the card number in the given space.
  • Press on the Search card option and press the credit card number whose status needs to change.
  • Press on the Change status option and choose Delete from the New Status of the credit card field.
  • Click on the Save option present in the lower portion of the webpage.

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Customer Service Number

The customer service number is 844 832 0035. You can call them if you have queries related to the credit card.


What is the BP credit card payment mailing address?

The BP credit card payment can be mailed to BP PLCC & Visa, P.O. Box 965006, Orlando, FL 32896-5006.

What is the BP Credit card Payment Phone Number?

BP Visa card Phone is 844 832 0030 and for BP Platinum Visa card Phone is 844 887 1975


If you regularly do your fillings from BP services, learn more about the account login process, payment process, and many other essential information from the article.

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