BSIS Guard card Application – How to Renew (Are you Eligible)?

The Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) hires guards from time to time. It primarily deals with and regulates industries circumnavigating the

  • Alarms,
  • Locksmiths,
  • Private security services,
  • Private investigators,
  • It is inclusive of the repossession industry

The Bureau aims to protect people by regulating the job roles and the people under the job roles in different professions.

The BSIS gives you a guard card once you are trained with them as a security guard. This Guard card is similar to a license and needs to be used as proof of your certification when applying for a job. You can also use the guard card as an identification document.

If you are planning to apply for a guard’s training from them or you want to get the guard card, read how to do it from the below sections.

Steps for BSIS Guard card application

To get the Guard card, you must complete a few simple processes.

  1. Take the CA Guard card 8-hour test.
  2. Apply online for the Security Guard card application.
  3. You must obtain your fingerprints through the live scanning facility available with the State Fingerprint Form.
  4. Once you have obtained the Guard card, you must verify it online

Step 1: Visit the Main ( Page to buy the 8-hour Guard Card course from them or the 40-hour complete BSIS package.

Complete your online training and then go ahead to fill out the application form.

Step 2: In the next step, move to the linked page by clicking on the “Apply Online” Button given above and press the BreEZe Registration tab for New Users.

BSIS Guard card

Step 3: Complete your user registration process by filling up the entire application form.

Guard card renewal
apply for BSIS Guard card

Step 4: After registering yourself, you need to press on the Next option. Follow the prompts on the next screen to complete the application.

Step 5: They will also send an activation link to your email address. You must click on the Activation Link to confirm the account creation process.

Step 6: Once done, you will be taken to the application page where you must fill in the information mentioned in the snapshots below. You will also have to check a few boxes to approve or disapprove of their requirements.

Step 6: Few mandatory fields you must mention in the application include the following:

  • Instructor’s name
  • Name of your school or business
  • License number
  • The certificate serial number
online BSIS Guard card apply
online training
online BSIS requirements
8 hour Guard Card course

Step 7: You can read the instructions to find out more about the application process before starting it. Next, you must click on the submit tab to complete the application.

Step 8: In any case, if you face doubts, you can directly call the BSIS support center at (800) 952-5210.

Step 9: If you do not want to submit your application online, you can submit it via mail. But you must remember it might have a longer processing time than usual.

What are the application requirements?

Application requirements include the following;

  • You must complete the Power to arrest training and should be able to show the certificate when registering for the security guard position. If one has not completed the training, one needs to do so within six weeks from the date of registration of the employee as a security guard.
  • If you plan to apply for a security guard, you must be willing to take the criminal history background test with the department of justice of that particular state and the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation).
  • You need to be at least 18 years and above when applying for the position.
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Who is eligible?

Eligible candidates will be considered for the position of a security guard with any of the employers requiring such help.

  • The security officer training skill needs to be completed within the first six months of registration. The training takes 32 hours to complete.
  • Every year a security guard needs to complete eight hours of mandatory training.
  • A private patrol officer, a bureau course provider, or a certified training facility staff must take the training for you.

How to renew BSIS Guard Card?

Renewal of the BSIS Guard card needs to be done mandatorily every two years.

The first step in the process is to determine if the Guard card has expired. If the Guard card has expired, you can renew it in a process slightly different from the one that must be followed for renewing an already active card.

If your guard card is showing the current status when you check through the Guard Card Search page or is two months from expiry, use the below process to renew it.

  1. Renewing your already active BSIS Guard Card
  2. Login to the BSIS page if you already have an account or create one by following the instructions presented above.
  3. After logging in, there will be a link that says Renewable Licenses.
  4. Click on the Renewable Licenses link and complete the online application.
  5. After you have completed the payment, your Guard card will be mailed to you at the address that is provided by you.
online registration
security guard registration
BSIS support

You can also fill in the application, take a print out and mail it to the given address: Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, P.O. Box 989002, West Sacramento, CA 95798-9002.

  • When your BSIS Guard Card has already expired, you need to apply for it too, but in a slightly different way. You must complete exactly 3 steps to complete expired credit card renewal.
  • Enter the previous BSIS Guard card number. To search for that number, you must find it on the search page for Guard Card.
  • You must re-submit your 8-hour power to arrest test results.
  • Add your fingerprints done through the live scan.
  • Fill out the online application or download the printed application and send it across.

BSIS Guard card renewal requirements

The renewal requirements for the already expired card are given above.

For renewal of the already active card, you will need the 8-hour power to arrest test results. You will not need your fingerprints as they are already entered in the system and also would not need to enter the BSIS Guard card number.

Card Benefits

Once you have obtained your BSIS Guard card, you can apply for different kinds of jobs and services. You will not have a part-time or rolling job; instead, you will have a full 8-hour job. Usually, the job of a guard is not tied down to a 9-to-5 module and instead, you can fix the job as per your schedule.


How long does it take to get a BSIS Guard card?

The BSIS Guard Card can take almost 30-60 days but if you have entered the right information in your application form, you can get the card as fast as within 3-5 days.

How to get a California BSIS Guard card?

You need to complete the 8-hour Guard Card training and must be ready to scan your fingerprints. Your criminal history background will be checked. You can also take additional training listed on their sites but primarily you need to complete the power to arrest training.


A lot of good perks, bonuses, and regular rewards come up for those who take up the Guard job in California. You get to work with some good firms and organizations. If you are interested in placing your application with them, read this blog to have complete knowledge of what you need to do to apply for it.

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