Build-A-Bear Job Application Online [Detailed Guide]

Build-A-Bear applications are invited for jobs with the company that was started in 1997 by Maxine Clark selling stuffed toys and teddy bears. If customers want, they can choose a teddy bear and customize it the way they want. For customizing the teddy bears, the customers can use different accessories. Build-A-Bear is one of those largest companies providing opportunities for customizing and building stuffed teddy bears in the way they want.

If you like working in the soft toy industry, you can choose to work in any of their segments. You can choose from the 400 locations of their stores available in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Ireland, Australia, Africa, the United Kingdom, and other locations.

All you have to do is choose your favorite location and place a job application for the Build-A-Bear organization.

Steps for Build-A-Bear Job application

If you wish to apply for the Build-A-Bear job, here are the steps to follow for your application.

  • Visit the link provided ( in the below segment to start with the application process.
Build-A-Bear job application
  • From the options available, choose corporate office opportunities, guest experience center opportunities, and store or distribution center opportunities. Click on the Apply Tab from the domain of your interest. The jobs will appear as per their date of advertisement and you will have to choose one of your interests.
Build-A-Bear online jobs
  • Read through the job description properly and go through the roles and responsibilities. Additionally, refer to the required qualifications as per your needs.
Job Details
  • Once you are satisfied with the job role descriptions and eligibilities, go ahead and click on the Apply for the job tab to complete the application form.
Register for an online account
  • Render your consent or choose the do not consent tab. But to apply, you will have to click on the Consent tab. Once you give consent, you will be able to click on the Register tab to proceed further. Add your first name, last name, email ID, password, and primary phone number. Once you enter all the details, click on the Register tab to complete the registration process.
Sign in for online jobs

Post this process, go ahead and fill out your application form. Add your personal information, job details, and education with your previous job experiences.

Add any other required relevant experiences required and move on to submit the application form.

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What are the application requirements?

The several application requirements will include the fulfillment of the following conditions;

  • Attach all your relevant educational details to the available space.
  • Include your experience details in the space provided.
  • Keep your valid ID with you for the needs that may arise for it.
  • Add a valid email ID, mailing address, and also a valid phone number.
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Who is Eligible for Build A Bear Application?

Depending on the job types there might be different eligibility criteria to fulfill.

  • For the jobs that are meant with the customers, you might need to stand for long hours.
  • You might also need to lift weights whenever applicable, so basic physical health is a need.
  • In some other sectors, teamwork is essential and one must provide to the teams.
  • Some jobs like the ones in the administrative division and retails might require the person to have computer training. You must be well versed with MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, and MS Word in general.
  • One must have outstanding leadership and selling skills in case of some professions within the organization.
  • One must be at least 18 years old to avail of all the job opportunities with them.

Build-A-Bear Job Salary Details

Salary details vary from one person to another primarily based on the following factors.

  1. On the level of experience
  2. Their degrees and expertise in the job profile
  3. The number of years they are in the job position.
  4. A sales leader can earn $10.63 per hour
  5. Sales manager can start earning $10.46 per hour.
  6. Store Manager earns $21.45 every hour.
  7. Sales Lead might get $12.18 per hour.

Build a Bear Job Benefits

The several benefits of being in a job with Build-A-Bear include the following;

  1. You can enjoy employee discounts of around 30%.
  2. Vision insurance and dental insurance is provided with a lot of jobs.
  3. Health Savings Account is possible with them
  4. Paid Holidays provision is facilitated
  5. Vacation and paid time off is also possible with their jobs
  6. You get a (401) K program benefit that comes for all permanent employees.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Build-A-Bear hiring?

Yes, Build-A-Bear is hiring whenever there is a need. To keep a tab on their openings, you must refer to their site every now and then. Whenever you find an opening that seems reasonable to you, go ahead and apply for it.

Is Build-A-Bear a good place to work?

For those who love to work in the stuffed toy industry, Build-A-Bear might bring fair opportunities for them. Most employees give a positive review of their work experience with the company.


To conclude, we would say that you can find the Build-A-Bear application requirements, eligibility details and other essential information from the given article. To start the application process, refer to the steps and also read about the other miscellaneous information from this article.

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