Bullshit Gameshow Application Guide – How does it work?

The Bullshit show is a bullshit show where a group will do bullshit activities and the other will have to detect these bullshit activities. In this show, each contestant in the hot seat is made to answer ten trivia and the winning amount with each question increases. However, if the contestant in the hot seat is not aware of an answer, they can pick up any random question. With the question’s answer, they need to try convincing the other three contestants out there to believe in what they are answering. It is up to these three contestants to believe if the hot seat contestant right in front of them is bullshitting or not.

The bullshit needs to be believed by at least one of the three contestants. There are three scenarios where a hot-seat player can face the three bullshit-detecting contestants:

  • If and when a hot-seat player is knocked off
  • When the contestant goes home or wins an award.
  • The most accurate BS detector will become the next hot seat contestant.

How to Apply for Bullshit Gameshow Application?

To apply for the Bullshit application, you will have to move to the Netflix Live Reality show platform.

Step 1: Move to this online platform and then click on the Submit Video tab.

Bullshit application

Step 2: Click on the Submit one-minute video tab either in the red box or the bold black link. It will take you to a page where all the reality show options will be displayed.

application online Bullshit

Step 3: Click on your favorite series and then scroll down to click on the Next option.

video making Bullshit

Step 4: Add your name, pronouns, and email ID.

Basic information Bullshit

Step 5: Add a social media handle that you use.

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Information apply

Step 6: Now comes the point where you must add your video.

Submit application

After you have completed uploading your video, you will be taken to the page where you can submit your content.

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Bullshit Gameshow Application Requirements

Viewers who wish to apply for the Bullshit show must fulfill the following criteria given below;

  1. You must be 18 years old and above to participate in the program.
  2. Your citizenship must reflect the US, UK, Canada, and even Ireland.
  3. A one-minute or less period video needs to be submitted by them.

Who is eligible?

Eligibility is not far from the requirements when you want to apply for the Bullshit show.

  1. As an applicant, you need to portray your real self more than anything else.
  2. You must have an SSN if ever you need to find out.
  3. As a user, you must also have a permanent address and a valid email and phone number for future correspondence.

How does it work?

Once you submit the Bullshit Gameshow application it goes through several rounds of scrutiny. After the scrutiny process is complete, you will get a confirmation message stating that you are selected.

Post receiving the message you can start preparing yourself for the show.

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Unfortunately, too sad to be true, but the show is no longer running and there is no time sooner when the auditions will be held again. By reading this article, although, you can learn more about the Bullshit gameshow application process. Next time, you come across its application process, you might not even need to understand how it must be done if you read this carefully now.

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