Catch Up Payments Application Guide – Are you Eligible?

Going back to school was difficult for many children as many families struggled to make two ends meet. If you check students during COVID-19, you will most survive on stimulus payments and meal funds given to them. But now that it’s time to go back to school, most people are finding it hard to find an amount to repack their children back to school in the right way. Thus, to mitigate the costs of parents who are willing to send their students to school, but don’t know how, the government is trying to find suitable ways.

Who is Eligible for Catch Up payments application?

One of the ways is through a catch up payment wherein the government pays a one-time fee to students of families who need it the most. Mostly $200-$250 can help gel the gaps that came up in people’s pockets during COVID-19. 

  • A $200 fund will come up for students who go to classes from kindergarten to Grade 12 and are aged upto 18 years.
  • Those with special education needs get $250 if they are aged upto 21 years and are anywhere between kindergarten and Grade 12.

Who is Eligible for Catch Up payments application?

Eligible parents, students or even guardians can apply for it. Eligibility criteria will include the following;

  1. Parent or guardians of students from kindergarten to grade 12.
  2. Students going to a public or private school or to First Nation operated or federal schools can apply.
  3. In-person and remote students are eligible for the application.
  4. Special need students can apply or even their parents can do it.

What are the Application Requirements?

The application requirements of the Catch up payments will include;

  1. Enter your payment details that you wish to use to receive payments- cheque, e-transfer or direct deposit.
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For direct deposits, enter bank name, bank or branch name and account number.

  1. Enter your email address and also your telephone number alongwith your mailing address to confirm the application.
  2. All information about the child must meet their child’s school records.

How to Apply for Catch Up Payments Application?

To apply for Catch up payments, the first step is to start with the application. After the application is done, you might have a waiting period of 3-5 days during which if you want to check your application status, you can visit the application status segment. After 3-5 days, the officials will notify you of your application and also sanction funds that will get directly deposited in the mode of payment you chose.

  • Mention the following details for each of the students- name of school and board, birth date, email address, and banking details.
  • Choose your method of transfer and select e-transfer, direct deposit or cheque payment option. Enter all essential details required for the mode of payment that you choose.
  • Finally, submit your Catch up payment information by clicking on the Submit button.


A single payment is made per student and the amount can be used for buying stationeries, and even some snacks alongside other food items. You can buy pens, pencils, bags, shoes and whatever a child needs to go to school. It can help you cover the cost of initial new beginnings to a school they always went to.


Learn more about the application process from here and read your eligibility, application requirements and other essential information from the information provided here. If you wish to understand better, you will need to follow their site closely for time-to-time announcements.

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