Know your IHDA Emergency Rental Sssistance Application Status

The Illinois Housing Development Authority is offering the Illinois Rental Payment Program 2022. The ILRPP (The Illinois Rental Payment Program) is an emergency rental assistance program and is for supporting households and families in Illinois who are unable to pay their rent because their livelihoods are negatively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The Emergency Rental Assistance program is made available to expedite the process of providing rental assistance to people who are deep in rental debt and are living in fear of eviction. There are two separate programs established to provide the households that are unable to pay rent.

The first program is ERA1 which can provide up to $25 billion under the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021. ERA1 was enacted on December 27, 2020.

Another program is ERA2 which can provide up to $21.55 billion under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. This program is accepting applications for the IHDA Emergency Rental Assistance by 31st December 2022 for up to $25000.

How to check IHDA emergency rental assistance application status?

You can check for the application status on the IHDA website. Once you log in to their website, you will be able to check your rental assistance status straight from your dashboard and it is updated every time the application has a new update.

What ERA Program Covers

The ERA program covers the following:

  • Covers rents, utility bills, and home energy expenditures (including payment of gas, electricity, fuel, water & sewer, and even trash removal.
  • It may also cover the late fee cost.
  • Additionally, it can cover the internet service of your home.
  • Besides this, it can cover moving expenses and rental-related fees.

IHDA emergency rental assistance Application Process

Illinois Rental Payment Program

You can apply through the local emergency rental assistance (ERA) program. Area wise the application process may vary slightly. Therefore, you can go to the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s ERA Program finder to find the rental assistance giver in your area and then apply.

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If you are a tenant you will have to fill in information about different application requirements and so will be for the landlord who must address an altogether different set of details.

How to get emergency rental assistance?

Both the ERA1 and ERA2 payments will be given directly to the states, U.S. territories, the local governments or the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands, and the Indian tribes.

The ERA1 will expire on September 30, 2022, and the ERA2 will expire on September 30, 2025.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does it take to get approved for emergency assistance?

After all, documents are submitted they will try to process the application as fast as possible. Within a fortnight to 30 days, the funding notifications will be intimated to the individuals. If a person does not get an intimation by then, they can contact the IHDA for information about their application.

How do I contact IHDA?

You can call (312) 836-5200 or TDD at (866) 324-4431. For further contact details, follow the contact list provided there.

Can you refinance an IHDA loan?

Yes, you can refinance an IHDA loan as many times as you want within thirty years. There are only two clauses- every time a borrower reissues they will have to pay a sum of $150 cost (per reissue) and also will have to keep the property in the name of the borrower.

How long does it take from the time of application approval to get the amount?

A landlord can get the amount within weeks from the day they receive the intimation that their application is accepted.


If you want to go for the IHDA emergency rental assistance application program, you will need to fill in the details and wait for their approval. If and when an applicant does not receive the approval they will need to check the same from the online portal. Ways of connecting them and also understanding how it works are what you can carry forth from this article.

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