How to CHECK IRCC Application Status? (A Quick Guide)

What is IRCC? IRCC is immigration, refugees, and citizenship Canada. The agency manages refugee protection, immigration applications, and many more.

The IRCC agency facilitates the immigrant’s arrival and provides protection to refugees. It also provides programming to newcomers settling down in Canada. Immigrants, refugees, and citizens of Canada provide travel documents and citizenship to Canadians.

This federal government of Canadian departments was known as citizenship and immigration Canada. If you want to learn about Canadian visas and immigrants, read the guide on the IRCC application.

What is the IRCC application tracker?

ircc application tracker

From the latest reports, it is determined that Canada welcomed around 190,000 immigrants this year, which will rise to 230,000 immigrants in 2025. Many immigrants are moving to Canada, so they need to track their applications. Here the role of the IRCC application tracker comes in.

The IRCC announced the application tracker for candidates to track their application status. Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada ( IRCC) announced they are expanding the application tracker for new categories.

The best thing is that the IRCC application tracker helps the clients to monitor their application. It also helps clients stay updated with any actions required to keep the file moving.

Application trackers increase transparency by giving direct access to information to clients. The clients can also access their application information by contacting IRCC through another channel.

How to get an IRCC application tracking id?

Once your IRCC application or passport is submitted at the Canada visa application center, you can get the receipt. Your tracking ID or number is mentioned on that receipt.

This is the simple way to get your application tracking id, submit the application at the Canada visa application center, and get a receipt. After getting the tracking id, you can track your application or passport. To track your passport, you must enter your application tracking Id with your date of birth.

How to check the IRCC application status?

If you submit the IRCC application or passport at the Canada visa application center or get the receipt with the tracking number, you can easily use track your application services.

These services provide accurate information on your passport’s current location. Keep in mind that if you submit your IRCC application online on-site, you can only track your application from the official IRCC website.

Here are the steps you need to follow to check the IRCC application status online:

  • Visit the official IRCC website given above.
  • Enter your tracking ID mentioned on the receipt you received from the Canada visa application center. Also, enter your date of birth.
  • Now, you can see your application status.
  • Moreover, you can easily check the application status through the helpline number, web chat, email, etc., given below.
  • If you apply online, you can check the status on the official website.
  • You can also use the live chat software to start a chat with the visa application center team and check your status.
  • You can also use the email address of the IRCC application center.
  • Use the Helpline numbers 18002668858, 022-67866002, and 912262018404 to check your IRCC status.
  • You can visit the Canada visa application center to check your application status. You can choose any visa application center from the complete list at
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Use VFS global SMS services for IRRC application status:

You can also use the IRCC global SMS services to stay updated on your IRCC application. Remember that you can avail of this service only by paying some charges on the IRCC page.

Once the Canadian visa office assesses your IRCC application, they decide to add the visa counterfoil to your passport or issue a letter explaining why your visa application is not approved.

In this case, the Canadian visa office returns your IRCC application or passport to the Canada visa application center. It informs you about the status of your application by the leading communication method.

In this way, the online application tracking system allows you to check the status and know if your passport has been returned to the visa center in some cases.

How to speed up the IRCC application process?

It is easy to speed up the application process using walk-in appointment services.

Suppose you are required to travel urgently or miss your booked appointment. In that case, the walk-in appointment services are available for you in specific countries, permitting you to submit the application on the day you select. Here it would help if you considered speeding up the IRCC application processing.

  • If your delays are significant, then only you can raise the request to speed up the process.
  • Include the specific documents that encourage the officer. For instance, a support letter from a healthcare provider, humanitarian reasons evidence for request, a support letter from friends, family, business, etc.


Can you call IRCC to check the application status?

Yes, you can connect with IRCC by phone. You can easily call the IRCC call center number 1-888-242-21000 to check your application status. Ensure to only place the call at this number from Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm, to check your status.

How fast is IRCC processing applications?

Immigration, refugees, and citizens in Canada take 30 days to proceed with the applications made under the access to information act. This time period is also extended for some specific time if the request is put in many records.

How long does IRCC take to process an application after Biometrics?

If your documentation and other criteria meet your eligibility, and you submit your Biometrics, the IRCC takes the processing time from a few weeks to 8 weeks.


To summarize, there are many ways to track your IRCC application. You can also use the application tracker to track your application. Moreover, you can also visit the official website, chat, web features, email, etc., of IRCC to check the status.

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