Coastal KZN TVET College Online Application (Full Guide)

The online application 2022 is the application to apply for the courses offered by the KZN TVET College. The Coastal KZN TVET College is a highly reputed college situated in South Africa. The students or the aspirants who wish to apply for the various NC(V) courses need to apply through the online application 2022 portal of the college.

How to apply for coastal KZN TVET College Application?

To apply for the courses available at the TVET College in South Africa you need to follow the following steps:

coastal kzn tvet college application
  • Go to the official website of the KZN TVET College.
  • After this go to the top middle corner and click on the “Course Info” tab and then select “National Certificate Vocabulary (NCV)”.
  • After this select your area or subject of study or application from the “Quick Links” on the left side of the page.
  • Read the details for your course and then select the tab called “Student Info” and go to “Registration” to apply.

Application Requirements

The Application Requirements for the courses vary based on the subjects. However, some of the requirements are as follows:

  • The students must have the relevant marks as the requirement to join the courses.
  • They must have the relevant documents required to be submitted.
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Much like the application requirement, the eligibility for the Coastal KZN TVET College courses are as follows:

  • The students must have passed Grade 10-11 and Grade 12 with certain subjects for the NCV courses.

Coastal College Application FEE

The application fee for the courses offered at this College is set at R2000 as the tuition fee for the NCV course. Thus the students must be able to make a minimum deposit of R2000 for the registration. However, the ranges of the fees range from R8000 to R21000.

How to get the coastal college application form?

To get the College application form you can follow these steps:

  • Go to the official website of the college and go to the “National Certificate Vocational (NCV)” Tab from “Course Info”.
  • Check the registration dates and select the courses and subjects to fill the application form from Quick Links.

Closing date for registration at Coastal College

The closing dates of the various courses at the Coastal KZN TVET College are on 30th September 2021 for some programs and 30th October 2021 for some other programs.

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