Coca Cola Scholarship Application Process, Requirements

Scholarships of all kinds hold the key to many fates. If they were not present, not many students would have completed their education. They have become the backbone for every other student who cannot pay for their college still. A decent way to get a scholarship is to apply for one. There are many scholarships and each of these has its set parameters and eligibility criteria. While trying to find the best scholarship available for you, search through all the available ones that fit your need. One of them is the Coca-Cola scholarship program. It can help many with the amount, a student can receive from the scholarship.

There are several application requirements and eligibility criteria that one needs to fulfill for the scholarship program to work for you. Each year the scholarship supports 1400 college students every year. There are 3 nationally recognized scholarships that will support these students. 

  • First Generation Scholarship: Those who are going to college for the first generation ever can apply for this scholarship.
  • All State Community College Academic Team Program: Applicants who intend to attend a two-year college can apply for it.
  • Leaders of Promise Scholarships: Students who are part of the Phi Beta Kappa society can also apply for the scholarships.

The process of selection is similar for all three types of scholarships and each will take quite a span to declare the results for each of their rounds.

Who is Eligible for Coca Cola Scholarship?

You are eligible for the Coca-Cola scholarship only if you have high grades and plan to take your studies as a better career move. The scholarship program is open to those who fulfill the below conditions.

  1. High school seniors can apply for the program whether traditional or home-schooled.
  2. US citizens can only apply for this particular scholarship program. Even legalized citizens can apply for the Coca-Cola scholarship program.
  3. An applicant needs to meet the minimum GPA requirements which is 3.00 and above in their junior high school.
  4. You must be planning to complete your degree from an accredited US university.
  5. Children and grandchildren of employees cannot apply for the scholarship.
  6. Those who are anticipating their diploma completion during the application.
  7. International students, high school, and temporary students cannot also apply.
  8. Individuals need to be from the low-income group individuals.

Coca Cola Scholarship Application Process Guide

Currently, there are no active scholarships right now and none of the scholarship types is functional at the moment.

While filling out the application forms, one would need to include the following information:

  1. Personal information including name, birth date, age, and other such details.
  2. Education details
  3. GPA scores
  4. You should also include other miscellaneous details.
  5. Include all document proofs required.
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What are the Application Requirements?

Application requirements are not much except a few that must be fulfilled outright alongside the application form. 

Coca-Cola scholarship application requirements will include;

  1. It will require an individual to fill in their social security number (SSN) when applying for the scholarship.
  2. You will need to have a complete address for yourself.
  3. One must have educational certificates when applying for it.
  4. Your birth proof must be provided for the Coca-Cola scholarships.


There are certain benefits that you can get apart from the $20,000 for each individual applicant. It will also empower your academic and career goals. You don’t need to worry about your financial issues henceforth. Money is a benefit and along with it, you get to know all those in the community who previously won the scholarship.

The community is strong to be a support in times of need. If you want to be a part of it, you must win the scholarship whereby you get the right kind of information.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is the Coca Cola scholarship legit?

The scholarship from Coca-Cola works legitimately and delivers a lot for students from their low-income issues. If you are willing to apply for it, you need not worry about the legitimacy of the program.

Is this scholarship hard to get?

It is an extremely competitive one to achieve as each of these 150 scholars chosen will only be 0.15% of the students who apply for the program. One needs to be right with all the essential details and documents if one wishes to get through the scholarship. Of almost 90,000 applicants only 2000 of them are shortlisted. The semifinals see only 250 and then are further whittled down to 150 applicants.

How much money is the Coca-Cola scholarship?

The money is $20, 000 and one child will need to spend it on the academic choices that they are currently roped in for.

Does this scholarship require an essay?

The scholarship does not need an essay from you and there is no need for any supplementary documents alongside. There is only one requirement and that is to submit a completed application.

How many phases are in the this scholarship?

There are many phases of the Coca Cola scholarship and they include the general phase followed by the semi-finals and also the finalists. There is also an interview round and finally, after careful consideration, only 150 of them are given the scholarship.


If you want to get the this scholarship, you must be excellent in your studies and your other co-curricular activities. Find out more about the Coca Cola scholarship from this article yet you can determine your eligibility and find out more about the requirements from here. Learn how best you can apply for the scholarship.

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