Colorado Common Grant Application Online [Quick Guide]

The individuals who decided to run the foundation learned and picked up the skills on their way. The Foundation is one of the foremost in Colorado and offers grants to organizations and individuals who need the funds for most of their work. Applicants don’t have to pay anything to apply for the grants. All you have to do is complete the Common Grant application form.

What is a Common Grant Application?

The Common Grant application is a means to a monetary end whereby anyone can apply for a scholarship from the grantmakers. All you need to do is find a grantmaker by appropriately researching them. After completing the application, one would need to track it all the way. Review and keep a tab on the real-time status of your application. It is a private, entirely trustworthy, and secure grant process.

The grant is given for fulfilling different purposes- art, disaster relief, education, environment, animals, cultures, humanities, health, human services, science, religion, technology, social science, public policy, human services, and many others.

Who is Eligible?

Eligibility of the applicant includes the following;

  1. Anyone can apply for the grant starting from a non-profit organization, non-government organization, churches, charities, schools, libraries, individual agencies, and ad-hoc grant maker groups.
  2. The applicant can be from any nation and ethnic origin.
  3. A valid email address is a must for those who want to make the application.
  4. You need to be registered with their online site and for that, you need to create a valid account for yourself or your organization.

Colorado Common Grant Application Requirements

Requirements for the Colorado Common Grant application involve fulfilling the common conditions;

  1. Submit a detailed capital budget for your organization or your enterprise.
  2. Mention the organizational budget for that particular year when you are applying for the grant.
  3. Fiscal statements need to go into the application.
  4. List of the individuals on the board of directors, occupations, city, and country.
  5. Annual report of the organization if available.
  6. Discrimination based on race, caste, and creed is strictly prohibited and a statement for the same needs to be issued by the directors.
  7. Federal tax-exempt status must also go into the application.
  8. A list of the names of the key essential staff along with their qualification is a must.
  9. Volunteer involvement if any and kind collections also have to be added.
  10. Major contributors adding more than $10,000 must also be clearly mentioned.
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Colorado Common Grant Application Process

To apply for the Colorado Common Grant application, here is what you need to do.

  1. Include a cover letter whereby you must specify the reason why you need the grant amount.
  2. A summary sheet form also needs to be included while making the application.
  3. Write a detailed narrative whereby you must answer essential information.
  4. Address your organizational background
  5. Describe your project clearly
  6. Write more about the leadership details within your organization
  7. Define the process in which you raise your funds and also plan the process.
  8. How your company is planning to mitigate the environmental impact and how well you can mitigate the impact and influence of the environment.
  9. Include your attachments with the application as per the needs.
  10. Finally, send your application to the grantmakers you have selected for yourself.
Document TypeNumber of application pages
Cover letter1
Summary sheet form2
Detailed narrative3


The benefits of the Colorado Common Grant will include the following benefits:

  1. You get to choose the amount.
  2. A broad group of people can apply for the Colorado Common Grant.
  3. Improving the lives of children and women in Colorado is possible with the help of the grant.

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FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

How much is Colorado Common Grant?

The Colorado Common Grant is one of the best available grants in Colorado. The amount of the grant is not pre-decided. In fact, an applicant needs to mention the Colorado Common Grant amount they seek. The amount must be relevant amount and should not be more than the amount given out each year. The applicant must research well about the amount before asking for it.

How long does application process takes?

After the completion of the deadline, the process usually takes four months for review and further processing.


The grant brings money to everyone who wants to take up a project that can help them better the world in any way. All you need to understand is that there is a lot that goes into the sanction of these grants and thus utilizing the money in the right way is essential thereby keeping your goals focused is all important when applying for it.

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