DPSA Correctional Services Learnership Application

Department of Correctional Services in South Africa is bestowed towards providing a safer atmosphere for the prisoners and a lenient working system for the jailors. This department is established to look after the prison system of South Africa and work on the loopholes by adding extra security and discipline. In this article, we will be looking at the role of Correctional Services in South Africa and how you can apply for the job vacancies in this department. 

What is the department of correctional services in South Africa?

Department of correctional services application

The Department of Correctional Services (DCS) in South Africa is organized to provide safe and secure detention of inmates, promote discipline in prison and around it, and maintain the dignity of the prison system. DCS’s headquarters is the West Block of the Poyntons Building in Pretoria. It also has different roles, which adds smoothness to its working system.

  1. The Department of Correctional Services in South Africa has very well taken care of the healthy surroundings in the prisons amid the pandemic. They have carried out vaccination programs for the inmates. The COVID-19 Disaster Management Strategy was very well implemented and all the officials working there, along with the jailors and the inmates, were well-approved of the pandemic with the help of this system.
  1. Offenders often have difficulty adjusting to society after being released and may face rejection from their loved ones and communities. This makes it difficult for them to find employment, housing, or education, which can lead to reoffending. To help prevent this, it’s important to include victims in parole discussions to foster communication and healing between them and the offender and promote successful reintegration into the community.

Correctional services learnership application

Looking to apply at the Department of Correctional Services? If yes, all you need to do is follow the guide below, fill out the application form in your handwriting, and submit it for further processing. Below is the full guide:

  • The application form for learnerships with the Department of Correctional Services can be obtained from a Correctional Services Office or can be downloaded from the department’s website at www.dcs.gov.za
  • The website will open once you click the link above
  • The Learnership Application Form can be downloaded by going to the “Forms” section, clicking the Internship/Learnership Application Forms link, and finally clicking the Learnership Application Form link.
  • When completing the application form, you should specify the specific learnership position you are applying for. Additionally, include certified copies of your certificates and ID that have been certified within the last 3 months, which can be obtained at a police station.
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In which of the cases can your application be rejected for Learnership Correctional Services?

Remember to follow the below notes to avoid the application rejection:

  • Do not leave the application unsigned
  • Do not make late submission
  • No photocopied forms are accepted
  • The forms should not be mailed or faxed

What documents are required?

Keep the blow documents ready before applying for the Learnership Correctional Services. Missing a single document can cause application rejection or submission failure”

  • National Senior Certificate
  • National Certificate in Vocational Studies/Post Education or Training Certificate
  • Degree Certificate in any of the fields mentioned in their application form
  • Medical Reports
  • Drug Testing Report
  • Birth Certificate

For further queries, you can visit the official website and learn more is needed. But keeping the above-mentioned documents will definitely reduce your problems with the application form filling. 

Who is Eligible for Learnership Correctional Services?

In order to apply for the DCS Learnership program, you must the eligibility criteria laid down by the department. These criteria include:

  • The age should lie between 21 and 35 years
  • The candidate must undergo the medical tests, including drug test 
  • Applicants should not appear in any of the criminal records
  • Applicant should be fit and should have bold-personality
  • You must be a citizen of South Africa and must have a Grade 12 or National Senior Certificate
  • Must be prepared for hard training and firearm training
  • You must have a diploma/degree certificate in the following field of study:

Agriculture/Artisians/Construction/Technician, Graphic Designers/ Footwear Design/ Textile Designing, etc. 

DPSA Correctional Services Learnership Benefits

All things come to one fact: what are the benefits of joining correctional services? Learn about the DCS Learnership 2023 benefits:

  • Almost 30% theory learning and 70% workplace experience, training, and learning. 
  • Free accommodation for the selected applicants. Learners will also get free meals, training equipment, uniforms, etc.
  • Monthly stipend for the learners
  • FET Certificate in Correctional Services, which is of NQF level 4 


How many points are needed for correctional services?

It is better to go well prepared for the exam conducted by DCS. Typically, 70% or higher is considered to be a good score, but the more it is scored, more it is better.

How long is the correctional officer hiring process?

After you have submitted the error-free application, the portal will check for your application correctness and whether you meet the eligibility criteria. It will take almost 12 months to conclude the hiring after you successfully pass the written exam.

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