How to do Cortrust credit card login & Pay bill Payment

CorTrust is a real-time bank with several banking services and a credit card. The bank provides people with a savings account, checking account, deposit certificates, and also credit card facilities. If you want to use their MasterCard, you can apply for it. You can also ease your banking processes by using their online banking facilities.

With the online login facilities, you can do your CorTrust bank credit card payments faster. Additionally, when using their online account, you no more need the credit cards in the physical form. Along with it, checking your bills, obtaining your bank statements, and even resolving issues that bother your account from time to time is more convenient with the online account facilities. You do not need to run to your bank branch with every drop of the hat when you have an online account for yourself.


How to do Cortrust credit card login?

  • Visit the website to sign in to your online credit card account.
CorTrust bank credit card payment
  • You will receive a note that the CorTrust credit card works only on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari and not on any Internet Explorer versions.
  • Press the OK tab to move on to the next screen.
Cortrust credit card login
  • Add the username and password to complete the login process.

If you have not yet registered an account, do so by clicking on the Register tab.

online credit card account
  • Add your account number to begin your application process. Press the Continue tab before moving on to the next screen.
  • Include your mail id, and telephone number, and add your username and password.
  • Once you have filled in all information that is requested, you can press the Register tab.
  • You will receive an activation mail in your mailbox. Open it, and click on the activation link to complete the registration process.
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How to pay Cortrust Credit card payment?

After signing in to your account, you need to move through a few steps.

  • Visit the Payment Method option
  • Go to the Pay Bill section
  • Add your bill details
  • Include your current account number and routing number to complete the payment process.
  • Press the Pay Bill tab to complete the process.

Cortrust bank credit card payment mailing address

The payment mailing address is…

CorTrust Bank,
PO Box 7010,
SD 57301-7010.

Send your checks or money orders with your credit card bills to the above address.

Payment Phone Number

If you are a MasterCard holder, you need to call 1-888-883-9826. Talk to a representative and ask them to clear your payments. Do not miss keeping your credit card information and your payment account details close as you will need them when on the call.

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Card Pros & Cons


  • You get to enjoy the MasterCard benefits.
  • With their credit card you can get online fraud alerts and also ID theft protection.
  • Customers like you can enjoy 24/7 customer service facilities with a credit card.
  • No annual fee is levied on the use of the credit card.


  • The credit card APR might be slightly taxing for those who do not pay their bills on time.
  • The different fees levied on credit card users can also be a matter of concern for credit cardholders.

Customer Service Number

MasterCard holders must call 1-888-883-9826 and VISA credit card holders must call 1-800-230-1108 for concerns and queries.


The CorTrust bank credit card payments and their login process are discussed in this blog. If you are interested in taking it up, you can read about it here.

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