Costco Job Application Guide – Know Requirements & Eligibility

What is Costco job application?

Costco retail stores are shaped like warehouses and sell a variety of useful items. It is one of the most widely known efficient retailers in the world. It hosts the members’ only wholesale club too. There are a variety of job opportunities with Costco at various levels including the entry-level and the other higher levels.

If you are aiming for a job at any retail unit with excellent career growth, stable and friendly work environments, choose Costco for their different full-time, part-time, and even seasonal works including several long-time works and job opportunities.

To apply, here is some valuable information, and all you need to do is hit the online website portal of Costco to choose the right job to send the application form.

Steps for Costco Job Application Online

Choose your workspace from the ones given below:

  1. Warehouses and depots
  2. Costco Regional and Home Office jobs
  3. IT jobs
  4. Licensed professions

One can avail of different types of career prospects with Costco, and this is how you can apply.

STEP 1- Visit official website and check for the desired job by applying for a specific position or by selecting a location around you.

Costco job application

STEP 3- Once you click on the location of your choice, you can see a range of job positions that may be active or might even be inactive.

STEP 4- Click on the ones you want to apply for, and check the details.

STEP 3- Click on the job you want to apply for and read the details carefully before hitting Apply now button.

STEP 4- Once you open the application, you can see numerous other options where the position is available. If you wish to apply somewhere else, choose that particular place or continue with the application.

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STEP 5- Create a profile with Costco or log in to your application.

STEP 6- Further, fill in your application and complete all the sections of the application.

Costco job application

STEP 7- Once done, submit the application and wait for their response.

What are the Application Requirements?

Application requirements depend on the position you choose. The study level, experience level, and also other skills and expertise are based on the job type selected by the candidate.

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To be eligible for a Costco job, one must at least be 18-years old.


Pay differs again according to the positions one applies for and can be a minimum of $16 per hour. According to the Costco CEO, the wage is $24 per hour.

How long does it take to hear back from Costco job?

The entire hiring process at Costco might take two to three weeks, and the candidates will continuously receive updates about it.

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Does Costco hire 16-year-olds?

Only under work releases from schools can Costco hire 16-year old for only a few specific positions.


Costco job applications can be ventured easily from the Costco main site. If you are willing to apply for Costco retail stores, read the guidelines provided here for the application.

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