CPP Disability Application Medical form [2024]

Different programs support people who need the most help all- the disabled. They mostly go out of income when they lose the essential parts of their body to injury or diseases.

The disabilities can be gruesome and most of it can take off an individual’s mental peace. All these different available programs aim to support the disabled get a chance to continue with their lives and living.

How to Apply for CPP Disability Application?

A Canadian program called the Canadian Pension Plan can help people in the best ways especially when they need it the most. This is the program people can take up if they have a disability just before or post-retirement.

What is CPP?

The Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) is a program that assists children and disabled individuals. The post-retirement benefit has certain eligibility and application requirements.

Almost after 120 days when a decision is made, the same will be conveyed to you. After the application processing begins, you must provide all the supporting documents and also your re-evaluation results from another medical adjudicator.

Who is Eligible for CPP disability application?

The eligibility requirements for the CPP disability application will include;

  1. If a person has a severe disability or a prolonged disability, they can apply for the CPP disability benefits.
  2. Those who meet specific CPP contribution requirements.
  3. Individuals must be between 18 and 64 years of age can apply for the CPP application.
  4. People who contribute at least 4 of their 6 years before the application is made can get the benefits.
  5. Those who contributed for 25 years must have also done so in the last 3 of 6 years.
  6. The contributions one made before that particular date when they stopped working are important more than when you send the application.
  7. Individuals who stop working from the time they took sick until the present day.

What are the Application Requirements?

There are several application requirements one needs to complete for the CPP disability allowances.

  1. You must add your email address, phone number and also your residence address.
  2. The social security number of the disabled person is necessary to submit.
  3. Present proof of your treatment and also make your doctor fill out the medical form.
  4. Test results and details need to go in as well into the form.
  5. Employer details from your last workplace are essential to add. Provide details of all those you worked under and also define your job and the duties involved.
  6. Provide your education proof and children’s benefits.
  7. Provide your payment details including your direct deposit information.
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CPP Disability Application

There are two different types of applications- non-terminal and terminal illness. You can apply through the paper application or the online application. To apply for the CPP Disability application, here is what you must fill out.

  1. In the first step, register an account with the CPP disability site for online application.
  2. Complete the application form by filling in the following details:
  • Personal information needs to go in for your CPP application
  • International social security agreements if you have any.
  • Details about the medical condition you are suffering from.
  • List of past, present and future medical treatments.
  • Include details about your physical disabilities, behavioral and emotional disabilities, communication and thinking details, other daily abilities, doctor and nurse details who treat you and also provide information about your work and the type and way of the work.

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You get benefits that help you sustain your requirements. Benefits include payments and returns that come back to you from it. Most people can derive an amount that suits their needs largely.  

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does a CPP disability application take?

You can be eligible only after the CPP disability application is approved and it will take at least 120 days. For those whose condition is grave the approval might be done quickly and it can take anywhere up to a month. A terminal illness can take just 7 days to process. 

Where do I mail my CPP application?

You will need to mail the CPP application to a processing center whose address is found on the last page of the application. You can also drop your application at the Service Canada Center drop box.


The CPP benefits will help a person manage their daily living and life. For terminal illnesses, there is always an extra need and for those who wish to understand more about the way one can apply and send in their application details, read more about it here.

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