CSLB Application Online Process Guide (check CSLB Status)

Anyone who takes a contract of any kind in California above $500 will need to be licensed by the CSLB (California Contractors State License Board). Businesses around constructing buildings, highways, roads, parking facilities, railroads, excavation or any other such structure will come under the CSLB application. Contractors must either be subcontractors, specialty contractors, or home improvement business ventures that come under the CSLB.

No one can submit a bid without being enrolled in CSLB. Licenses from CSLB can be issued to individuals, corporations, limited liability units, corporations, and joint ventures.

Exemptions from the CSLB licensing are possible in California only under the following circumstances.

  • The project cost, if less than $500 will not need the maker to undergo a CSLB licensing.
  • Paid wage employees who don’t work in an independently established business can be exempted from CSLB license.
  • Personnel working on public projects need no CSLB licensing facilities.
  • Officers of the court,
  • Public utility workers,
  • Oil and gas operation workers,
  • Owners or contractors who repair old buildings and structures,
  • Finished product sales,
  • Carpet dealers who already have a retail furniture dealer license,
  • Security alarm company operators, satellite antennae system installers.
  • Public employees are exempted
  • Exemption for manufacturers

CSLB Application Process Complete Guide

There are three ways of sending the application ahead and these include;

  1. Complete an online form and then print and mail it to CSLB.
  2. You can print a blank form available as a PDF and then fill out the form and send it to CSLB.
  3. Receive a blank form through the mail and then send it to CSLB.

Step 1: Fill out the application form

  • For the online form, here is how you can fill it up for a start.
CSLB application
CSLB online application
CSLB online apply
  • Once you have filled up the first page, you need to fill out the information that is essential on the next page. Check the box on the lower right hand side to indicate if you are the only person filling up the form.
  • Fill up the rest of the form to include the details about your profession, income, unit details and other essential information as per the prompts.
  • Submit the online application form for your CSLB license and wait to hear from them.

After submitting the application, you will need to pay a $450 fee to sit for an exam with them. You will also need some qualifying experience for the examination. Sit for the examination that you need to take and then check back the application status further if you already have completed the process.

CSLB application posted meaning

The CSLB application when says posted means it is completed. Once your application is posted, you will be sent detailed instructions on how you can submit the following;

  1. Fingerprints
  2. Live scan electronic submission

How to get CSLB application number?

To get your application number, you must look for the receipt number. You can find it in the following places;

  1. It can be found on the front of the cancelled check
  2. On the notice to appear for the examination
  3. Request to submit accurate documents
  4. Initial license fee payment
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How to check CSLB Application Status online?

To check your CSLB status online, you must follow the below process;

  1. Add the application fee number
  2. Include your PIN (personal identification number)
CSLB license check by name

Click on the Check Application tab to find out the status of your application.

Application status by name

To check the CSLB app status by name, visit cslb.ca.gov and then tap on Online services > Application Status > Application Status by the name given on the right sidebar. Now Add your first and last name and some 25 names will return to you. Choose your application and its status from it.

CSLB license status
CSLB license application status

Application status by business name

visit cslb.ca.gov and then tap on Online services > Application Status > Application Status by Business name. To generate all the names with your business name of yours and start by typing the 10-15 alphabets in the beginning.

CSLB license check by number

Application status by phone number

To generate the CSLB license check by number, you must use (800) 321-CSLB (2752). By calling them not only can you check their application status but you can also obtain your educational information, go for free publications or do what is required to get the license.

CSLB application processing time and process

The CSLB application roughly will take a few months (3-6 months span) till you get the license.

Getting approval on your application will take 5-6 weeks.

  1. First step: Learn more about the application process and the requirements you need to fulfill before submitting the application form.
  2. Second step: Send in your applications for taking up the examination.
  3. Third step: Qualifying experience for taking the exams will have to be confirmed through documentation proofs.
  4. Fourth step: Check again what you need to do if your paper is returned.
  5. Fifth step: What to do when your exam application gets approval.
  6. Sixth step: Do get your fingerprinting and live scanning done.
  7. Seventh step: Prepare for your exams
  8. Eighth step: Issuing the license means submitting a few documents before one could finally get the license.

CSLB application pending reasons & Solution

CSLB application might be pending only when there is a need for documents or certain updates. Until the documents are updated back in the system your status might reflect pending. But there is no other cause why your application might be put on hold other than the requirement of additional documents.

Fee Details

The CSLB application fee will include the following;

Application Fee$450
Initial License Fee (Sole Owner)$200
Initial License Fee (Non-Sole Owner)$350

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long does it take to get approved for CSLB application?

It takes 3-4 months and often more than that to get a CSLB approval. Usually a lengthy process, individuals will need to sit fir their exams to get these licenses.

How long does it take to process a CSLB application?

Virtually preliminary approval takes 5 weeks and once the exam is given, it might take another 3-4 months to completely process it.


There are certain eligibility requirements one needs to fulfill to get the CSLB application. The process is lengthy and requires careful observation and determination of all the necessary requirements. If you can essentially fill out the application form after carefully reviewing it, you can be sure it will take you a long while before you hear back from them. An examination follows that you must complete moving ahead for the final consent from their end. You will also receive an acknowledgment once they confirm the receipt of your application.

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