How to check CSULB application status?

What different kinds of admissions are done annually at CSULB?

California State University Long Beach (CSULB) is one of the best universities in the United States involved in educating a diverse cultural student population every year. They provide different kinds of students an opportunity to study abroad.

What are the kinds of students who can seek admission to CSULB are given below:

  • Freshman undergraduate students who are joining first time in the first-year grad courses.
  • Transfer applicants are also a part of the admission process whereby students can transfer to CSULB from any other university.
  • Graduate applicants who wish to join the university for postgraduate studies
  • International applicants are also an essential population joining the university from different other countries.
  • Credential, certificate, and also second-year bachelor course applicants
  • Students can also join their special programs

How to check the CSULB undergraduate/graduate application status?

To check the CSULB application status, you must go through the short process mentioned below.

  • Click on the to start the application status-checking process.
  • You have to sign in using your Skype, email, or phone number.
CSULB application status
  • Click your application and then look for the approval status to confirm if your application is still pending.
  • You need to add your campus ID to continue.
CSULB apply here
  • If you don’t know your campus ID, you can click on the tab which reads you don’t know your campus ID. Add your SSN and birth date details.
CSULB application online

Brief the CSULB undergraduate/graduate application process

You can apply also through Cal State if you wish to send in your application for CSULB. Applications are generally open from 1st October to 30th November for the following year.

  • Usually, it is easier to apply through Cal State and all you have to do is visit calstate website and then tap on “Apply”
Cal State Apply
  • Choose the term you wish to apply for by selecting it from the dropdown.
  • Start by registering an account with CSULB.
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Login details CSULB
  • Registration will require fulfilling the following information- name, email address, preferred phone number, text and phone authorization, username, and password, agreeing to the terms and conditions, and also going for the European Union data protection.
  • Include all the details in the application soon after you finish the registration process. Include your educational details and also your other relevant information.
  • Provide your educational documents, essays, references, and recommendations alongwith the other details to complete the application form.
  • You will also need to submit the application fee for each application that you plan to submit with them.

Eligibility and requirements for CSULB application status

If you wish to be eligible for the courses, you must check closely with each course requirement. Generally, it will be different from one subject or course to another.

  • Students need to have at least a Grade of C or higher if they wish to complete the application.
  • For fall, students must have graduated by the spring of that very year.
  • A minimum CSULB Index is a must if you wish to join them.
  • A 2.5 GPA is a must for those who wish to apply with them as Californian residents. Outsiders need to have a score of 3.0 GPA.
  • A minimum of 3200 CSULB index for the non-STEM majors for Californian residents and 3500 for non-STEM majors for Californian residents is a must.
  • A minimum of 3600 STEM Index for STEM majors for Californian residents and international students, as well as outsiders, is a must.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the application dates for admissions

Freshmen can apply up to 30th November and application acceptance dates are from 1st August to 1st October.

On what grounds can they hold your CSULB applications?

Your application can be on hold for the following reasons:

  1. Financial restrictions whereby the student has not cleared the required amounts or not stated the financial disclosures correctly.
  2. Immunization lacking
  3. Specific test non-compliance
  4. Many other reasons like insufficient documentation are also potential causes of the hold


Here is all that you need to know about the CSULB application process. If you wish to participate, do not forget to read thoroughly the information detailed here. Also, check with the website to understand how you can grab a seat with them.

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