CVS Job Application Online Process (Salary, Requirements)

CVS Health is named the fifth largest corporation in the United States alone as per the Fortune 500 ranking. Accordingly, it is the largest healthcare retailer of healthcare, beauty products, filming and photofinishing services, greeting cards, and convenience foods.

Under the umbrella term, there is CVS Pharmacy, CVS Caremark, and Aetna and the headquarters are in Woodstock Rhode Island. It runs around 9800 pharmacy locations from all across the globe. The CVS hiring process is pretty much the same irrespective of the job positions for which you apply.

What is CVS Hiring Process?

The first step of the CVS jobs is the online application followed by a phone screening and in-person interview. To apply for the job, you need to send in your online applications by first creating an online account with them.

Some of the jobs have a virtual job tryout (VJT) and are used by them for providing a realistic job preview to the candidate. However, not every job can have a VJT attached to it. Those jobs that have a VJT will also have a tag for it. If while applying, you come across the tag, it means you are supposed to take it whenever feasible. The VJTs are not timed and if you want, you can take it some days after filling out the application form.

The VJT will deal with the following questions.

  1. A realistic job preview, where you will start with a description of what the job is like.
  2. Exercises around situational judgement provide mock scenarios.
  3. Data accuracy checks present different test scenarios for entering and checking data.
  4. The environment in work that can motivate you is presented through two statements out of which one will reflect your choice.
  5. You need to tell them about yourself through a segment.
  6. Provide a statement that talks about your work style.

Who is Eligible for CVS Job Application?

CVS is a big banner and anyone who takes up their job will need to show their eligibility in the following ways;

  1. Every candidate must meet the basic educational requirements for the position they apply for.
  2. If you have previous professional expertise, you must provide that in the appropriate segment.
  3. Those who apply must meet their age requirements. Most jobs won’t be for people who are below 18 years old.
  4. They usually do not prefer applicants with criminal backgrounds.
  5. You must also consent to a background check that they will carry out for each candidate who qualifies.
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What are Application Requirements?

The application requirement for the CVS jobs will again vary from one job to another; however, some general requirements will include the following points.

  1. You must be a citizen of the United States or must have a valid work permit.
  2. Your educational degrees will need to be added.
  3. Include your resume and also your cover statement.
  4. A valid identity card might be asked for at the store when you join their work or go for the interview rounds.
  5. A birth certificate and relevant previous job leaving certificates might become a requirement at any point.
  6. People with disabilities must also provide sufficient proof that explains their disability.

How to Apply for CVS job application?

To apply for a CVS job application, you must search for a job through the search opportunity tab.

  1. Next, you will need to create an online profile for yourself.

If you don’t have an account, you must create one for yourself.

  • In the application, you will need to add your medical history, specialized skills, and preferences.
  • Once you submit the application, recruiters will review it.
  • Candidates short-listed will be intimated and rejected applicants will also receive a mail for the same.
  • After the phone interview, you will have to face the main interview.

Salary/Pay Per hour

The salary every hour for CVS jobs are:

Staff Pharmacist$60.99 per hour
Pharmacy Technician$17.13 per hour
Pharmacist$59.80 per hour
Operations Manager$19.36 every hour
Training Manager$22.73 every hour
Shift Manager$16.09 per hour
Certified pharmacist$18.84 every hour

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is it easy to get a job at CVS?

It is easy for applicants to get a job at CVS only when they are qualified for the position. If they are short of some eligibility criteria, it might seem like a difficult shot.

Does CVS require work experience?

CVS requires work experience for jobs that come at a higher position. If the jobs are entry level then they do not require much skill and expertise. But if the jobs are higher level ones then they have some prior experience requirements. In such cases, you will have to show them the specific ones or something close to the experience they demand.

How long does CVS hiring process take?

It takes almost one to five weeks to complete the application process with CVS. It will never take you less than a week and neither should it go beyond 6 weeks unless under special circumstances.


The CVS hiring will land you with jobs that you would like to have. Most people with a pharmacy background love to work around their jobs for the timely good pay they offer. People also love the flexibility of their work schedules and to understand more about their jobs, you must read this article for essential information about them.

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