DSNAP Application Pre Registration – Complete Guide

Food is the priority of every individual on Earth. If you have food, you can next think of other things like accommodation and other details. But there are currently nations that do not have adequate food supplies. Leave alone, even the most developed nations in the world have people who are in dire need of a good meal.

In the United States, several food programs work constantly to feed the hungry of the nation. Low-income individuals and even people with nil earnings can apply for the various available food programs.

People who lose food supplies during disasters can also apply for food supplementation under a special program called DSNAP.

What is DSNAP?

The Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (DSNAP) can tend to the food needs of the low-income and middle-income groups who are currently not enrolled under the SNAP benefits program.

It could be due to low income and also from damages that occur from disasters. In case of disasters, it is the unit that supplies food to the ones who need it the most. If there is a loss of any food, owing to a power outage for 24+ hours that too must be reported by the individuals availing of the DSNAP program. When food loss is reported, there are chances that you can get SNAP replacement benefits.

Who is Eligible for DSNAP Application?

Eligibility for DSNAP application includes fulfilling the following conditions.

  1. The take home pay (earned and unearned) will be considered during the past 30 day period. This calculation will be done with due consideration to checking and savings account. After deducting the total amount spent during the designated 30-day period, the rest of the remaining amount is taken into consideration.
  2. Households who already qualified for SNAP before the disaster will also qualify for DSNAP without any hurdles. Those who do not have SNAP can also apply.
  3. Loss of appropriate income is also considered a disaster-related income.
  4. You cannot buy hot food with the DSNAP amount. For buying hot food with the DSNAP amount, you will need a federal waiver.
  5. Individuals will be eligible to use the card for nine months for the benefit that is transferred to this site. After they expire, one cannot add them back.

What are Application Requirements?

There are several application requirements which include the following pointers:

  1. You will need to enter your DSNAP Driver’s License number and also produce your driver’s license at the time of the application interview.
  2. Monthly income verification is necessary and it will include monthly stubs, child support income, alimony, unemployment benefits, SSI or VA benefits, FITAP benefits, worker’s compensation, pensions and friend and family contributions.
  3. Household resources will also be verified as of 26th August.
  4. The amount you spent to manage disasters that came to you will also need to be incorporated. You could add the following kind of information- home or business repair work, temporary shelter provisioning and evacuation expenditure, funeral money, pet boarding costs, heating source, clean-up items, disaster damage vehicle repair-related expenditure and any other such amounts.
  5. Social security number (SSN) is essential to add.  
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DSNAP application Registration Process (In Steps)

Visit https://www.dcfs.louisiana.gov/cafe to start the registration process.

  • Once you are on the site, you will need to go to the tab and press the “click to start tab” to begin the application process.
DSNAP Application
  • Go to the next tab to start the application finally.
DSNAP online Application
  • You will need to add the information in the following order in the available boxes.
  1. Personal details
  2. Contact information must include your house address, telephone number and email address alongside your fax number.
  3. Other details and household details.
  4. Income related information
  5. Resource details

Complete the entire form and submit it.


Several benefits could add up to your benefits list from DSNAP.

  • People who get the DSNAP card can use the amount to buy food from only authorized retail stores.
  • The DSNAP money can’t be used to buy alcohol, tobacco, and other non-essential, non-food items.
  • You will have 90 days to 365 days (differing as per different states of the US) to buy the items and use the money.
  • If you lose food due to insufficient power or power shortages, you can request for compensation of the lost food that too is entertained.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is DSNAP Application Deadline?

There are different DSNAP application deadlines whenever such situations arise. However, for those 25 parishes impacted by Hurricane Ida, the last date to apply is 13th October 2022 by 06:00 pm.

The application process began on 27th September 2022.

How to Check DSNAP Application Status?

Every state that offers DSNAP benefits, they have a separate tab that when you click allows you to check the application status. With the help of the application status, you can understand your application’s stand in the crowd. Add your DSNAP application details like the number and address other prompts to check your application status.


DSNAP is a provision for those who have lost a lot in some natural calamity or disaster. If you had to spend on managing the disaster you could claim the DSNAP even if you are not part of the SNAP benefits.

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