DSW Credit Card Application Online – Are you Eligible?

DSW offers credit cards that help you shop your shoes and boots better. With innumerable rewards, discounts, offers, and bonuses, you do well with the credit card in your pocket.

With its Visa and Visa Signature cards, you can gain ultimate shopping freedom, and is open to people who love to shop from DSW. You can be a part of their VIP programs by either visiting their stores or going online on their online store.

Points are earned differently with the credit card tier changes which include club, gold, and elite tiers.

Each dollar shopping can fetch you 3 points with the Elite tier and 1 or 2 points with all other tiers.

The DSW Visa & Visa Signature credit card programs officially end on 04th April 2022.

Credit card featuresDSW VISA credit cards
Annual Fees$0
Credit LimitYour creditworthiness is considered
Purchase APR15.98%, 21.99%, or 25.99%
Balance Transfer APR27.99%
Minimum Required Credit Score650-850
Security DepositNA

Steps for new DSW credit card application

Online application is the most convenient process in which one can apply for a DSW credit card.

For explaining the online application process, we will consider the simple DSW Visa credit card.

Head to the website from where you can apply for the credit card.

Step 1: Move to the main page of the website and press on the Apply for card option after logging into the site.

DSW credit card apply

Step 2: Press the Start Application tab next to begin the application process.

Step 3: Add your personal information (name, date of birth, social security number, and age) along with your salary, address, and also your contact information (mail and phone number).

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Step 4: Include your authorized buyer’s name and details including the referral code. Press the Continue tab to move on to the next screen.

Step 5: After completing the application form, you must press the Submit button to complete the application form.

DSW Credit card application requirements

Your application is just a step away but even before you think of putting up your application, you must find out if you fulfill their requirements.

  1. Every applicant must be 18 or more than it when applying for a credit card.
  2. Users must possess a valid SSN (social security number).
  3. You must be a US citizen when applying for a credit card.

Who is eligible?

Eligibility includes fulfilling the following conditions.

  1. You must have a valid US address.
  2. Applicants need to fulfill their credit score requirements.
  3. They must not be held defaulters in the Federal court of law for failing to pay credit card loans.

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CARD Pros & Cons

There are different pros and cons to owning credit cards.


  1. For every dollar that you spent, you can earn a single point.
  2. If you spend $500 using a credit card outside DSW in a span of 90 days, you can earn a $25 bonus offer.
  3. As and when you receive your credit card, you get an application offer of $25.


  1. You pay up APRs that can cost you more than many credit cards.
  2. It is beneficial for those who shop regularly from them.

Is DSW credit card easy to get?

It requires a fair credit score (630 or more) from your end to obtain the DSW credit card.

Who issues the DSW credit card?

The DSW credit card is issued by Comenity Bank.


If you are interested in applying for a DSW credit card, do refer to this article for more insight into the application process including its requirements and eligibility.

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