DSWD Educational Assistance Online Application

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) is a Philippines government unit assigned with the task of helping Filipinos with jobs, scholarships, and educational assistance. Many talented students in the Philippines who are not able to take their education further due to a lack of funds can apply for it. Those who do not have enough can apply for such help as that way they can always complete their studies and contribute towards forming a stronger country.

What is DSWD educational assistance?

Students who do not have enough earning sources can apply for DSWD educational assistance. They need to show they are really in need of the amount to study ahead. Students must be bright and efficient and must have decided upon having a future for them to move ahead with the educational assistance offered.

To get educational assistance they need to put forth an application. After analyzing the application individuals will be granted the educational assistance amount.  To get it, students must submit all the application requirements and must fulfil the eligibility criteria.

Who is Eligible?

Financial aid is given to the specific group of students who fall under the below categories.

  1. If you are the loan breadwinner of the family or have no family or living relative who can take up the responsibility of paying for you.
  2. Those children who have a single parent are eligible to apply.
  3. Children of overseas Filipino workers and those surviving with disabilities
  4. A child of an HIV victim, domestic abuse, or natural disasters can apply for assistance.
  5. Working, vocational or technical students can avail of the funds.
  6. Those students who join state college universities can also get this kind of assistance
  7. Families who have to endure a lot due to relocation or displacement from one place to another.
  8. Filipinos deported back to the Philippines are also eligible for this kind of assistance.
  9. Any gender can apply for the financial aid given by the unit.
  10. Only those students who want to study ahead must apply for the funding.
  11. If a family has three or more than three children, they can apply for assistance.

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DSWD educational assistance 2023 online application

There are two ways to apply for the DSWD educational assistance 2023.

  1. Either walk into DSWD’s central office or field office.
  2. Send an email to the following email ID: [email protected].
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After you write to them wait for their email confirmation.

The email shall contain the date and place where you will get the assistance and the application requirements that you need to carry with you for further scrutiny.

What are the application requirements?

The application requirements for the DSWD educational assistance 2023 will include the submission of the following documents.

  1. An original and a photocopy of a valid school ID is a must for those who wish to apply. You must also carry your parents’ ID.
  2. Authorization letter for those candidates who are not available on the spot.
  3. Those in the college will need to submit an account statement
  4. Enrollment or assessment form needs to be submitted in original as well as its photocopy
  5. Both original and photocopy of a certificate of registration can also work if they don’t have an enrollment form
  6. Indigency or a residency certificate from their barangay also needs to go in with the application form.
  7. Documentation about every other condition under which the family applies for assistance must be sent alongwith the application.


Benefits of the DSWD educational assistance include the following;

Elementary school studentsP1000
High school studentsP2000
Senior High School studentsP3000
Vocational/ College studentsP4000

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is DSWD educational assistance legit?

Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) educational assistance is cent percent legitimate and there is no scholarship from their end most importantly. The assistance is for certain people who are eligible for the amount. Every year, it goes to needy students who are either working professionals attending college or studying in different vocational and training schools.

How much is DSWD educational assistance?

In the Philippines, DSWD help is given to students at every level.

  1. For elementary school students, the amount that is given out is P1000.
  2. High school students will receive P2000.
  3. Senior High School students can easily receive P3000 when in need.
  4. Vocational/ College students can receive P4000.


The DSWD educational financial assistance is one of the best solutions for students who want to study ahead yet are living in financially insecure zones. Details about the DSWD educational assistance are targeted every year by many students who cannot manage to pay for their schools. There is an ongoing application process and those who wish to participate can fill out the application form. If a family has three or more children they can register for the program.

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